Asda is testing out a pizza delivery service with Just Eat in this one location

Priced at just £6 for a 16 inch pizza, the home-delivery option will enable those within a two-mile radius of Killingbeck in Leeds to order the store's pizzas and then have them delivered to their homes.

From November 19, shoppers at Asda's stores in Beeston, Livingston and Wakefield will also be able to enjoy the service.

Orders are placed as usual via the Just Eat food app and it then goes directly to the Asda store, which will cook it for you before a driver at Just Eat delivers it to your door.

The pizza options include margherita, American sizzler, pepperoni as well as vegetable supreme, or if you're struggling to pick one you can pick two toppings and get half and half of them.

If you want more than just the pizza, you can also pick up a meal deal for £15 that includes any pizza, four sides, a drink and dessert as well as a dip.

If the items were bought separately customers would have to pay up to £17.20, meaning you'll save a tasty £2.20 by getting the deal.

The pizzas are also a lot cheaper compared to Domino's and Papa John's.

For example, Papa John's charges £19.99 for a pepperoni pizza that's slightly smaller at 15.5 inches.

This is also the same price Domino's charges for a pepperoni pizza but this is even smaller at only 13.5 inches.

Asda's delivery service is available from lunchtime onwards, but customers can also buy the pizzas from the diner in store to choose to eat in or take away.

If the trial is successful, Asda and Just Eat said they will continue the roll-out to more stores across the UK.

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