Ashley Graham claims gua sha is better than filler, Botox for perfect skin

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This star has all the skincare secrets.

Ashley Graham spilled some of her beauty secrets to Byrdie in a recent interview, revealing she uses a traditional Chinese practice that the model swears is as good as filler or Botox.

When asked what her latest skincare obsession was, the supermodel, 35, raved about gua sha — a procedure that involves scraping a smooth-edged tool along your body to improve wrinkles, release muscle pain and gain other benefits.

“You don’t need filler, you just need Gua Sha,” she declared.

“I’ve seen so many girls do it so wrong and I feel like I have the best teacher in the whole world,” Graham told the publication, sharing that she sees Sandra Lanshin Chiu, who also performs acupuncture on the star.

“If you go on her TikTok or Instagram, she shows you exactly how to do it,” Graham continued, adding, “I tell her all the time, like you are my Botox.”

The mom of three went on to say that she uses one of the gua sha tools to keep her “jawline snatched or to release tension in the neck” and also rubs it on her calves to release tension from wearing high heels.

Plus, fans got a fright in 2021 with the model showed off a large patch of bruising on her back from a particularly deep gua sha session.

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Along with Chinese medicine, Graham — who recently showed off her slimmer physique in Cannes — said one of her other beauty obsessions was a TikTok hack involving Dial liquid hand soap ($8).

“I’m obsessed with washing my face with Dial hand soap,” she revealed. “I saw this girl with perfect skin on TikTok use it, so I did it and I have not gone back. It gets everything so clean. Like it literally takes everything out of your skin, it is insane.”

Naturally, the St. Tropez ambassador — who frequently shows off her unfiltered body, including stretch marks — said she uses many of their products, including the brand’s Tan Tonic Glow Drops ($42).

However, one of her most-used skincare products is a humble bottle of Aquaphor ($9).

“One time all I had was one of those little tubes and I was headed onto a red carpet and I used that whole tube on my legs because they were dry and crusty and it worked,” the catwalk star said. “Shine queen!”

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