Ava Sambora On Dad Richie Sambora Quitting Bon Jovi To Spend More Time With Her

“My dad loves me with every ounce of himself.”

Ava Sambora said she is “so lucky” to be the daughter of Richie Sambora.

During an interview with People, the 23-year-old model and recent college grad opened up about her relationship with the former Bon Jovi guitarist.

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“He’s always been such a rock for me in my life,” Ava shared. “He has always been so supportive of me and all of my dreams.”

“My dad loves me with every ounce of himself and I am so lucky to be his daughter,” she added.

Ava, whose mother is TV icon Heather Locklear, went on to say her famous father made sure to be a part of her life growing up, even when he was touring with his band all over the world.

“He showed up to every football game I cheerleaded at, every dance recital I performed in, and all of my school functions no matter how far he had to travel,” she detailed. “He even flew all the way from Australia to surprise me at my cotillion for the father-daughter dance.”

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She also called him “generous and compassionate.”

For his part, Richie told the outlet, “I’m lucky enough to have an amazing relationship with my daughter.”

“We’ve been through a lot of things together. That was a time of psychological maintenance for the family,” he said of quitting the band in 2013 and eventually living with Ava. “You know, I ain’t no angel. But I realized, Ava needed me to be around at that point in time. Family had to come first, and that’s what happened.”

And Ava explained why she was grateful for the extra time with him.

“My dad is so loving and always ready to listen when someone has a problem,” she said. “He looks at things with open eyes and is so accepting of people.”

“My dad’s spirit is so joyful and uplifting,” she added. “You can’t help but smile when he smiles.”

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