Bachelor Contestant Spoils Upcoming Episode, Curses Out Clayton Echard

The contestant suggests she believes the Bachelor is a hypocrite and also talks about how she'll be a great influencer.

“The Bachelor” may be on hiatus next week, but fans won’t even have to wait until then to find out the next big twist in the season. That’s because one contestant went ahead and spoiled the latest episode’s dramatic cliffhanger.

Obviously, if you don’t want to be spoiled, it’s probably best to move on now. We’ve got a great recap you can read, if you’d rather. Or you can read that and then come back here armed with the knowledge of just what exactly is being talked about. Hey, here it is right now…

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Whereas most contestants stay pretty quiet on social media about what happened during filming until after it airs on TV — there are contractual stipulations all over that have to do with keeping plot details secret — one of this season’s biggest early personalities decided she simply did not care.

Taking to her Instagram Stories after the episode aired, Cassidy Timbrooks had more than a few choice words about what she’s seen so far on the show — and none of it is to criticize her own behavior.

Cassidy emerged as the first “villain” of the season, though a second quickly arose in her wake in the same episode this week, for being incredibly aggressive in her pursuit of Clayton Echard to the point of not participating in a group date activity to make out with him by the pool.

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For the record, Clayton did not mind at all and even gave her the group date rose that evening to show how much he appreciated her checking in … with her tongue. Her behavior was almost cartoonish in its blatant playing-for-the-camera villainy, so it’s hard to say if this latest clip is how she really feels, or her staying in some character she created for the show.

Either way, it’s every bit as entertaining — for all the wrong reasons — as she’s been all season long as she makes sure to call out Clayton for perceived hypocrisy in how he handled another contestant in the premiere.

“I realize that I am normally being dramatic,” she said in the short video, “But you were gonna give her a rose even though she was engaged last week.” The her in question is contestant Salley Carson, who wound up self-eliminating before the competition even started.

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Salley came to meet Clayton before the limos had even arrived to tell him this was supposed to be her wedding weekend and though she thought she was ready to move on and do this show, she realized her heart wasn’t in it. In an attempt to keep her in — because she was hot and he was into her — Clayton offered her a rose to stay, which she declined.

At the end of this latest episode, Clayton asked new host Jesse Palmer if anyone had ever taken back a rose already handed out. It wasn’t hard to guess he was referring to Cassidy’s group date rose, considering what he’d just been told.

Clayton learned that Cassidy had a “friend-with-benefits” back home that she was allegedly talking to right before she gave up her phone to be on the show, and had made plans to reconnect with after to watch the show together — with the implication there might be some “benefits” in the cards, as well.

“Meanwhile, I f—– someone a few months ago and I got sent home,” Cassidy continued in the NSFW video captured by Reality Steve, revealing the “To Be Continued” cliffhanger ending of the episode.

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She then continued, laying on the sarcasm as thick as possible. “OK, no, it’s cool. No, I get it. I get it. I get what we’re made of here.”

In another video he shared, Cassidy says “all men are trash” and that she thinks she’s gonna be a great influencer, suggesting that maybe she knew exactly what she was doing out there and it wasn’t nearly so much about finding love as it was about finding an audience.

You can check out both videos below, but be warned the language — and content for that matter — is most definitely NSFW. Be warned, she is as cartoonishly villainous here as she is on the show. All she needs is a mustache to twirl as she cackles.

“The Bachelor” returns in two weeks on Monday, January 24 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. You can be sure Cassidy will be milking every minute of her fifteen until her now-spoiled departure then.

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