Baffled shoppers mock Morrisons for selling twisted UNICORN Bernard Matthews turkey slices

TURKEY slices with an image of a unicorn on them have been slammed by shoppers for looking like a "mutant thumb".

Bernard Matthews has jumped on the unicorn bandwagon with its new sandwich fillers that have been inspired by the mythical creatures.

So far the unicorn trend has seen rainbow coloured cakes on supermarket shelves, giant inflatables and even gin made from "unicorn tears".

Thankfully, Bernard Matthews hasn't turned the meat multicoloured but instead each slice features what's supposed to be the shape of a unicorn.

But fans have been quick to point out that it's hard to make out the exact shape of the light coloured blob in the middle of each slice.

Foodie Instagrammer Kevssnackreviews posted a photo of his find where shoppers have been giving their reviews and they're not all kind.

Frankiefunko wrote: "The pattern on the ham doesn't even look like a unicorn, it looks like an angry mutant thumb".

Redsolegems couldn't believe what they were seeing when they wrote: "That's the worst unicorn ever!! I wouldn't give this to my cat."

Another reckons that it looks like an "upside down ghost cat", while Stylemymagpie says that if you turn it upside down it looks like Hello Kitty!.

A disappointed shopper has even posted a review on the product listing on Morrisons' website describing the unicorn as a "vague misshapen blob" that looks "exactly like a paint splat".

Since the photo was posted yesterday, more than 282 people have liked it, with one person pointing out that they'll probably be a hit with children.

The sarnie fillers are supposed to inject a bit of fun into lunch but it looks like they may have missed the mark.

The 100g packs contain 10 slices and are currently only for sale at Morrisons .

They cost £1 which is the same price as the novelty Bernard Matthews Dinosaur slices, but cheaper than a pack of plain turkey slices which cost £1.50.

The Sun has contacted Bernard Matthews.



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Supermarkets love turning our food into multicoloured unicorn-inspired goodness. Last year, Morrisons was selling a unicorn birthday cake that serves 20 people.

If only the unicorn cake had been round for this mum, who accidentally ended up turning her daughter's magical creature cake into a rude sculpture.

Unicorn Mr Kipling cakes also landed in Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

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