‘Baki’ Season 3 Episode 20 Spoilers: After Days Of Intimacy With Kozue, Baki Unleashes Incredible Power

Can Baki win against two of the most dangerous criminals in the world?

Baki Season 3 Episode 20, which is currently available on Netflix, started with the conversation between Mitsunari Tokugawa and Kunimatsu, the master of one of the death row inmates Ryuukou Yanagi. Kunimatsu explained the secret behind Yanagi’s fighting technique, including the poison hand.

Baki Season 3 Episode 20 revealed that in order to turn his hands into a lethal weapon, Yanagi first gathered different types of poisonous insects and plants, grounded all of it, and mix it with sand. To neutralize the poison, Yanagi also put his arm in a jar full of antidote. Kunimatsu said that it’s not as easy as most people think, and some of them decided to cut their own hands because of the extreme pain.

Kunimatsu also talked about the whip strike which is mastered by Yanagi. To be able to use the technique, the user should think of himself first as a liquid. It allows the user to turn any areas of his enemy’s body into vital points. When an enemy is hit by the whip strike, he experiences an unbearable type of pain.

Baki Season 3 Episode 20 also featured more intimate scenes between Baki and his girlfriend Kozue. It was very noticeable that both Baki and Kozue were shaking and already felt the warmth of each other’s body even without touching each other. Kozue made the first move by touching Baki until they finally started kissing each other.

As the action in his old house continues to get intense, Baki realized the similarities and differences of what they are doing and fighting. The battle between Baki and Kozue went for days until the room was covered with used tissues. Their intimate fight ended with both of them having a smile on their faces.

When they are about to go home, Yanagi was waiting for Baki outside his old house. Baki thanked Yanagi for not disturbing him and Kozue and asked the death row inmate if they could resume their fight in another day. Yanagi refused and threatened to hurt Kozue.

Baki Season 3 Episode 20 showed a huge change in Baki after Kozue turned him into a real man. Baki unleashed an incredible amount of aura that shocked Yanagi and made him agree to continue their fight in an open area. Baki attacked the enemy with no mercy, but Yanagi managed to counter with whip strike which damaged several parts of Baki’s body.

However, it was revealed that Baki also knew how to use the technique, putting him in a huge advantage in the fight. When Baki was about to finish Yanagi, another death row inmate came and attacked him. Days after suffering his first defeat against Biscuit Oliva, Sikorsky escaped the special detention facility to fight Baki. However, like Yanagi, Sikorsky also noticed the huge difference in Baki’s power compared to their first encounter.

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