Balding man transforms to look 20 years younger after hairdresser gives him wig

A man has had a "life-changing" transformation when he was given a hair piece to solve his fading hair line.

The 40-year-old bloke has a visible bald patch around the crown of the scalp that leaves him with a few strands of hair hanging on the side.

But a stylist from a hair replacement company offered him a non-surgical hair loss treatment to provide a safe solution which will bring his hair back within hours.

Posting on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, the expert measures the man's head size before giving a trim to achieve a uniformed length around the hairline.

Then he shaves the thinning hair on the top and cleans the scalp before putting a matching colour hair system on top, covering the bald spot.

Next is to shape and cut the hair so that it won't get into the man's face.

"A unique hair style that can take 20 years off of you and that's the difference of looking like a 60-year-old and a 40-year-old," the hair stylist said.

The man looked into the mirror and was shocked by the results. He even gave a thumbs up to the stylist and praised for his skills.

Viewers were also impressed by the man's new look and joked the hair system fixed the man's balding problem in one minute.

"My son watched it and said the old man turned to a handsome lad," one wrote.

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A second said: "He looks at least 20 years younger!"

"The secret of anti-ageing lies in the hair, he looks so much younger now!" a third added.

The hair stylist explained that they used a strong protein-based adhesive on the hair system, which can be used up to a few years.

It can be shampooed and conditioned like real hair and it's wind-proof, he added.

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