Barbie Has Baby Hairs Now, and the Internet Is Obsessed

Barbie is one of the most recognizable figures in American culture, but she’s certainly gone through her share of makeovers over the years. There has been (justified) criticism that the doll did not reflect the appearance of real women—and that she represented only one type of woman. But Mattel has worked over the years to diversify the Barbie collection in many ways. 

And here’s the latest example: One of the newly released dolls from the brand’s BMR1959 collection has perfectly styled baby hairs—and people are thrilled about this latest makeover. But truly, how couldn’t they be? Her edges look as amazing as her pink-and-purple color. (In case you were wondering, the “BMR” in BMR1959 collection stands for Barbara Millicent Roberts, which happens to be Barbie's full name. The year 1959 is when the first doll was released.)

“So fresh. So clean. So #Barbie,” the brand wrote on Instagram. “This second collection in the #BMR1959 line celebrates Barbie’s fashion heritage by drawing inspiration from today’s hottest streetwear trends. Which look is your favorite?”” data-instgrm-version=”8″>This latest streetwear-inspired style isn’t the first time Barbie has created a doll with styled baby hairs. This doll, who also happens to have vitiligo, wears them beautifully too.” data-instgrm-version=”8″>People on social media are celebrating the styling of Barbie’s latest look. “Who taught hair dresser barbie about them baby hairs and edge control? Now I have to get it,” one person tweeted. “A black Barbie with baby hairs?! here for it,” another wrote. Many also admired her earrings. 

Others though called out the fact that it took the brand years before it finally created the first Black Barbie. “Never forget it took Barbie @Mattel 20 years to start regularly producing a black Barbie when the original came out in 1959… in 1968 we saw the first black barbie but not for regular production. i won’t lie them baby hairs slap though,” wrote one person on Twitter. 

Following the rise of anti-racism protests, the brand also reiterated its commitment to diversity and inclusion, stating that it stands with the Black community.″ data-instgrm-version=”8″>Read Full Article