‘Below Deck Med’ Preview: Hannah Confronts Jessica About Her Recent Performance — Watch

Hannah sits down with Jessica to have a talk about her performance in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new ‘Below Deck.’ Hannah warns Jessica that she has to step up or she’ll get replaced.

Hannah confronts Jessica in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 27 supersized episode of Below Deck Mediterranean after talking with Malia. Hannah tells Jessica that Malia just said something “very stranger.” Hannah heard that Malia asked Jessica about crew uniforms, and Jessica apparently said that was “not priority.”

Jessica defends herself and explains her side of the situation. Hannah brings up that Captain Sandy has caught wind of this and told Hannah to “whip” Jessica into shape or she’ll have to “replace” Jessica. Naturally, Jessica is concerned about her job. She definitely doesn’t want to lose this gig.

“I’m gonna get fired for a miscommunication?” Jessica asks. Hannah stresses to Jessica to just give 100 percent on the next charter. Jessica believes she’s already been doing that. Jessica admits that this situation is “frustrating” for her. “These confusions are penalizing me,” she says.

Jessica reveals in her confessional. “I love Hannah and I like working with her, but there are some things that are making my job more difficult and making me look bad,” she says. Being the 3rd Steward, Jessica is not supposed to think of everything. She’s at the bottom of the totem pole. Hannah tells Jessica to just be “super diligent” this charter.

The synopsis for the July 27 episode reads: “On a crew night out, Alex reveals his feelings to Bugsy while Hannah struggles to connect with the group. Meanwhile, Captain Sandy comes down on Jess for her performance in the laundry room, and an incident with the water toys forces Malia into an emergency rescue. With his job on the line, Kiko rallies himself for a successful charter, but a Vegas-themed dinner threatens to unravel everything.”

The July 27 episode, titled “Viva, Loss Vegas,” is a supersized episode. The new episode of Below Deck Med will air at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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