Best board games for Christmas 2018

Whether you want to kill five hours (and test your friendships) with a game of Risk or Monopoly, or team up for a game of Trivial Pursuit or Articulate, there’s always a board game or two you can buy that beat watching another episode of Only Fools and Horses.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best board games you can buy, either as a Christmas gift, or as a treat for yourself as you prepare for family and friends to descend on your house during the holidays.

Some of them will take a few hours to complete, perfect if you’re running dry on conversation, and plenty more take under an hour if you’ve got time to kill while waiting for the Christmas pudding to finish steaming.

There’s even an adults-only section for when the kids have gone to bed and the sherry starts flowing.

We’ve included some card games in the mix as well because who doesn’t like Cards Against Humanity?

Time killers

Apparently Monopoly was invented to expose the evils of capitalism.

We thought it was designed to drive an irreparable rift between family members and friends alike.

Either way it fills the hours like no ones business.

Risk can take even longer, sometimes taking most of the day to complete, while Catan is a little quicker, but still pretty hefty.

  • Catan – £34.97 from Amazon – buy here 
  • Risk – £24.21 from Amazon – buy here
  • Monopoly – £14.49 from Amazon – buy here
  • Axis and Allies – £50.93 from Amazon – buy here

Quick(er) games

Scotland Yard cranks up the tension by uniting everyone against one other player in the room as they try and escape across London by any means necessary.

Ticket to Ride is faster than your average strategy game but just as satisfying.

Exploding Kittens is a bag of fun filled with left-field humour and graphic characters.

And why not pick up a copy of Scrabble if wordplay is your thing.

  • Scotland Yard – £15.98 from Amazon – buy here
  • Ticket to Ride – £29.97 from Amazon – buy here
  • Exploding Kittens – £22 from Amazon – buy here
  • Logo – £19.99 from Amazon – buy here
  • Cluedo – £13.33 from Amazon – buy here
  • Harry Potter Scrabble – £29.99 from Argos' Ebay store – buy here
  • Scrabble – £19.45 from Amazon – buy here

Get quizzical

If your family and friends feel like getting competitive without the time commitment of a strategy game, quizzing is the way to go.

Unify as teams in classics such as Trivial Pursuit and Articulate.

  • Trivial Pursuit – £24.99 from Argos' Ebay store – buy here
  • Trivial Pursuit – £29.74 from Amazon – buy here
  • Family Trivial Pursuit – £21.80 from Amazon – buy here
  • Articulate – £22.95 from Amazon – buy here
  • Cranium – £12.50 from Amazon – buy here
  • Linkee – £16.89 from Amazon – buy here

Adults only

Cards Against Humanity is an all time classic, especially when everyone’s got a few drinks in them.

But if you’ve memorised all the cards by this point, Joking Hazard is a great alternative.

It replaces the words and lets you create your own short comic strips with hilarious results.

Best to keep these away from the kids though.

  • Cards and Against Humanity – £25 from Amazon – buy here
  • Joking Hazard – £25 from Amazon – buy here
  • Cranium Dark – £15 from Amazon – buy here

Get personal

There’s tons of options to pick up themed versions of your favourite board games that make great gifts.

Monopoly can be found in hundreds of regional versions, and classics such as Risk have had a Game of Thrones makeover in case you want to take over Westeros on your weekend.

  • Game of Thrones Risk – £28.99 on Games Edge Ebay Store – buy here
  • Friends Monopoly – £27.99 from Argos' Ebay store – buy here
  • Monopoly on Amazon
  • Risk on Amazon

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