Best gadgets for Bank Holiday with the lads, from home beer tap to kebab rotisserie

THE Bank Holiday weekend is fast approaching and many people have the luxury of a four day weekend – but how are you going to spend it.

As the summer continues to creep up and the weather continues to improve what better way to mark it than a weekend with the guys?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of must-have gadgets to fully allow you to kick back and enjoy the time off work.

They will be perfect for this bank holiday weekend and making the time spent more enjoyable.

Here we take a look…

The Sub Compact Beer Tap

  • The Sub Compact Black, £59.00 from Beer Wulf – buy here

BeerWulf has a large catalogue of beer taps which range in size and prize.

Some beer taps can hold up to 2 litres of chilled beer and the The Sub will keep it fresh to drink for 15 days – perfect for a pre-summer barbecue.

It also comes in a range of colours with a number of different types of beers available to purchase on draught.

BeerWulf are also currently flogging the devices with a 40 per cent discount.

Doner Kebab Machine

  • Doner Kebab machine, £59.95, from eBay – buy here

Now there's a chance to rustle up your own slab of doner meat without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Daniel James are flogging their own doner kebab gyro rotisserie on eBay and it will set you back a bargain £59.95.

If that doesn't take your fancy it will also cook a whole chicken, three plates of veg and fish.

All you have to do is spike the skewer through the meat, put the timer on, sit back and let it spin around the grill until it's perfectly cooked.

Not only that, it drains away the fat as it cooks the food meaning it could be one of the healthier kebabs available.

A 21 litre capacity will ensure no one gets left hungry and a safety feature means the grill will automatically turn off once the door is opened.

Motorised inflatable pool

  • The Splash Runner, £190, from Amazon – buy here

The perfect gadget has arrived just in time for summer – a motorised inflatable pool lounger that lets you glide over water using joysticks.

The Splash Runner floating armchair comes equipped with two control sticks, dual propeller motors and even a cup holder for your beer.

Of course you'll need a pool (or an extremely large paddling pool), but if you fancy a trip to the nearest lake or seaside you can ride in style.

Powered by two 66-watt motors, the float will "revolutionise the way you relax (and play!)," according to the official site.

It is being flogged for $248.63 (£190) on Amazon and can hold up to 300lbs (136kg), promising users the ability to "cruise effortlessly" across a swimming pool or lake.

The chair also gives its pilot "complete freedom of movement" with 360 degrees of control.

The 'Qooler'

  • Blue Quench's 'Qooler', £267 from 'Qooler' – pre-order from May 1.

Blue Quench's 'Qooler' spins cans and bottles at 500rpm to instantly turn drinks from room temperature to ice cold.

The nifty device can fit up to six cans of beer or two bottles of wine during one 60-second whizz.

According to Blue Quench the smooth spinning motion means drinks won't froth up when you crack them open.

You'll still need buckets of ice though.

'Qooler' only works when you place it in an ice chest, sink or tub filled with ice and water.

It has a rechargeable battery for use outside the home, or can run off mains power.

It might only be available to pre-order right now – but there's plenty of time left in the summer for you to take advantage.

Mobile projector

  • RIF6 Cube, £200 from Amazon – buy here

This small cube is an amazing device which will allow you to project whatever is on your phone on to a wall or similar surface.

You can also insert an SD cart and project any pictures directly on to the wall.

The device is lightweight so will be easy to carry around – perfect to watch the footie outside without having to manouevre the telly out the back door.

Wireless charger

  • Anker charging pad, £16.99 from Amazon – buy now

It's an extremely low price for a wireless charger, especially given the fact that this is from top accessory brand Anker.

Wireless chargers allow you to charge your phone simply by placing it on the pad.

It's easier than having to plug your device in, too, so you can forget having to run back inside when your phone suddenly flashes up with the 10 per cent battery warning.

Wireless charging ditches the need for a cable by juicing up your iPhone via a power-transmitting mat or tabletop.

And phones that don't come with the tech baked in can be charged using an attachable case.

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