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IF you don't think that leggings are a comfortable must-have for working out and chilling out, then you don't own the best leggings out there.

The best leggings feel like you're not wearing anything at all, never losing their elasticity and staying securely in place whether you're doing the downward-facing dog, a HIIT workout or settling down on a lazy Sunday.

In 2022, working from home is fast becoming the norm, so leggings are coming in handy for long days in front of the computer – with many of us admitting to wearing our funkiest, cosiest pair while on Zoom calls with our bosses. Paired with a smart-looking top, of course.

Loungewear is undeniably having a moment, with leggings at the forefront thanks to their flexible stretch, versatility and flattering, streamlined silhouette.

It's the piece of clothing that joins gym bunnies, TV marathon-lovers, and everyone else who prefers something comfy and practical to walk their dog in: they're such an easy go-to.

We've searched far and wide for the best leggings around (goodbye see-through knicker-revealing mishaps), including maternity styles, ultra-sporty gems, and sculpting magicians! Time to find your perfect pair.

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