Big Name Beauty Carrier Sephora Now Carries Lord Jones CBD Products

The product can also be purchased online.

Lord Jones has a high CBD oil-based lotion that’s grabbed the internet and celebrities by storm. For those who are not familiar with what CBD is, it stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana plants that relieves pain, reduces anxiety, helps sleep, and more. Chelsea Handler and Olivia Wilde love it, according to the Huffington Post. They love it not just for its herbal, citrusy scent, but because apparently the CBD oil seems to be doing wonders for everything from menstrual cramps to stiff muscles. Now, anyone can pick it up at Sephora, reports the Growth Op.

“We are overflowing with pride and deeply honored to be the first and only CBD brand on Sephora. Thank you SEPHORA for your bold vision to make these healing products available to your audience. We are making history together and the Lord salutes you!”

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Lotion is touting itself as a “game changer.” The product has zero THC; however, the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD make it an option for post workout recovery and female menstrual cramps. The lotion is also good for dry, rough skin problems and issues with the epidermis or achy muscles. It is also reported that Lord Jones High CBD is derived from organically cultivated hemp. What’s more, it is grown in the United States.

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#Repost ???????????????????????? @miss_lula_tao ・・・ 日本語↓ In a bit of pain after my anesthesia-free dental procedure from this afternoon. Immediately grabbed @thelordjones tincture as soon as I got home. Been using their tinctures & fragrance free body lotion for over a month now and they are my favorite CBD brand. I own higher dosage coconut oil based CBD tinctures, but the 250mg/per bottle full-spectrum Lord Jones tinctures are grape seed oil based which leaves a cleaner after taste. But I do prefer the peppermint over the lemon flavored tincture…???? My soon to be 81 yrs old father also loves their tincture & body lotion for his aches & pains! ???????? . 日本未発売のラグジュアリーCBDオイル社のThe Lord Jones. ここのグミキャンディーとかはアメリカのお洒落系最先端ホテルのアメニティーとしてゲストに提供されてます。日本に入ってる他社さんのもっと高濃度ココナツオイルベースCBDオイルも持ってますが、こっちの方がサラッとしてて飲みやすい。あと、ベタベタしない無香料ボディーローションが優秀過ぎ。お風呂後に贅沢に肩周り/筋肉痛エリアにマッサージすると爆睡できます!ウチのもうすぐ81歳の父も使ってます。#値段知らずに使ってる爺爺 . . . . #weekend #mood #thelordjones #cbd #cbdoil #cbdlife #hemp #cannabidiol #wellness #weekend #inpain #dahlia #flowers #flowerpower #livecolorfully #thatsdarling #colettemalouf #CBDオイル #カンナビジオール #ヘンプ #ラグジュアリー #ウェルネス #体質改善 #ホメオパシー #花のある暮らし #暮らし #秋田 #なまはげダリア

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Upon contact, the lotion’s naturally cooling agent relieves an affected area, utilizing a vacuum pump to deliver a precise dose of two milligrams of CBD.

In fact, lotion is not the company’s only offering. However, the lotion is the only Lord Jones product which you can buy at the beauty mecca Sephora. According to the Lord Jones‘ website, the company’s products are made entirely by hand, and are infused with chocolate and fruit essences.

“Lord Jones confections are made by hand in small batches from single origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate, imported natural European fruit essences and full-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich CBD extract derived from specially selected organically grown hemp.”

Lord Jones also carries full spectrum CBD tinctures with peppermint flavoring. Certainly, the “pain and wellness topicals” are what is currently most popular in the retail world right. Not only has this lotion generated a huge buzz in communities everywhere, the lotion is making a grand buzz in the cannabis community in particular. Many of those in the cannabis community do not shop at big name retail stores, so they are likely curious to check the lotion out at Sephora. Another interesting fact for those who are interested in trying this new lotion, because it’s CBD, this new concoction can be ordered via the internet.

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