Boyfriend wants to ruin my girls' holiday like he did my last break

I’ve booked to go to Gran Canaria with five of my friends. My boyfriend wants to come with us but, when we went away with my family to Spain last Easter, he got annoyed if I talked to other people and not him.

We kept arguing about it. He said he felt like a spare part.

He’s like that even on nights out with my friends.

How do I tell him that I don’t want him to come? We are both 25.

DEIDRE SAYS: Are you sure you even want to be in a relationship with a guy who is so insecure and controlling?

Draw yourself up a list of his good points and bad points, and think it through seriously.

If you do feel this relationship is for you, tell him that you know he’d not enjoy it so it’s not on. Plan a trip for just the two of you.

My e-leaflet on Dealing With Jealousy can help but he needs to make changes in his attitude so you don’t tiptoe round him.

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