Brad Pitt ‘Bracing’ Himself For ‘Emotional’ Holiday Season As Custody Trial With Angelina Jolie Looms

The holidays are going to be a rough one for Brad Pitt, as he and ex Angelina Jolie are heading into a heated custody trial over their six kids. We’ve got details on how he’s bracing for the emotions ahead.

The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time but for Brad Pitt, it’s going to be nothing but stress. Not only is he unsure if he’ll get to see his six kids with ex Angelina Jolie on Thanksgiving and Christmas, the former couple is heading into what is sure to be a contentious child custody trial beginning on Dec. 4. Add to all of that Brad turns 55-years-old on Dec. 18 so he’s looking at some really emotional weeks to come.

“Brad is bracing for a challenging holiday season. Brad and Angie have been busy negotiating and deciding on what to do with their kids for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holidays and plans are being set,” a source close to the actor tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Life has been tense between Brad and Angie and things are getting more challenging as the holidays approach. Their custody trial is set to begin right between Thanksgiving and Christmas so Brad is bracing for an emotional and taxing holiday season.”

After 26 long months since Brad and Angelina split, the Fury actor is finally going to get his chance at winning 50-50 joint custody of his children with Angie. She has had sole physical custody of Maddox,17, Pax, 14, Zahara,13, Shiloh,12, and twins Knox, and Vivienne, 10, ever since she filed for divorce from Brad in Sept. of 2016. The humanitarian has been fighting Brad every step of the way when it comes to him having more access to his children.

Things got so bad that in June of 2018, the couple’s private judge overseeing their divorce and custody issues threatened to take away Angelina’s sole custody because she was being difficult about giving Brad access to their kids. He ruled that “not having a relationship with their father is harmful to them,” adding that “it is critical that each of them have a healthy and strong relationship with their father and mother.” He also told Angelina that the kids needed their own cell phones to contact their father and that she was not allowed to see any text messages between them.

Since then Angelina has upped the stakes by ditching her original divorce lawyer Laura Wasser and hiring a new legal team in August. They accused Brad of being a deadbeat dad by not paying “meaningful child support” since the couple separated and filed the paperwork in LA’s Superior Court so that the news would go public instead of remaining with their private judge. Brad’s team hit back that he’s paid “millions” for therapists, travel expenses, and body guards for their six kids.

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