Britain’s most tattooed woman fears inking body part would ‘take away beauty’

Becky Holt is known as Britain’s most tattooed woman.

She’s covered the majority of her skin in hundreds of jaw-dropping inkings – but there’s one area of her body she's keeping unmarked.

The 35-year-old, from Cheshire, is reluctant to get any designs in the centre of her face.

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She told GB News: "The only place I won't tattoo is the front of my face.

"I think I've gone quite far with the face tattoos when I said I was never going to do them."

At the moment, Becky has calligraphy on her forehead and mandala patterns on her cheeks.

She took the plunge with face inking after running out of space on her body.

Becky told This Morning: "I think it was about five years ago that I did these ones on the side.

"I ran out of space and I just wanted more. I always said that I was never going to get tattoos on my hands, my throat, or my face, I always wanted them to be covered with clothes because they were for me, they weren't for anybody else.

"But then once I ran out of space and I got so addicted to it that I thought, 'Do you know what? I'm just going to go for it. I'm already so covered I may as well just put them anywhere.'"

Becky draws the line at getting more done though.

She added: "They're obviously coming up from my chin, down my forehead and across.

"But I just obviously wouldn't put anything on my nose or eyeballs or anything like that. I don't want to take away any beauty."

The mum-of-one first started getting inked when she was a teenager.

She's spent around £35,000 on her body art collection, which she believes covers 95% of her skin.

Becky has calligraphy on her forehead, geometric designs across her chest and colourful inkings that travel all the way down her legs.

She has also altered her appearance by going under the knife.

The influencer had her first surgery at 20-years-old, which was a breast enlargement to enhance her curves.

She went on to have more boob jobs, Botox and a rhinoplasty too.

And despite being criticised over her extreme look, Becky has no regrets.

Previously, she told This Morning: “I love to stand out, I love the artwork, I love the time and dedication it takes…

“I’m not going to get any more on my face (though), it will spoil the aesthetics.”


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