British teenager killed in Malia after quad bike overturns in horrific crash

A British teenager died on holiday after the quad bike he was a passenger on flipped over, an inquest heard.

Kieran Roche, 19, sustained multiple head, chest and abdominal wounds in the crash in Malia on the Greek isle of Crete.

He was on the back of the vehicle being ridden by pal Charlie Bridger as they were returning from a beach and was not wearing a helmet.

Wiltshire and Swindon's Coroner's Court heard the teenagers hit something on the road and swerved towards two pedestrians – hitting one and clipping another.

Charlie flew over the handlebars and Kieran, of Swindon, Wiltshire, was thrown off.

The pair had been told only the driver of each bike needed to wear a helmet, according two friends who were on the quad bike behind, the inquest was told.

Charlie told the inquest: "We were just taking turns on the bike and cruising around together, not going fast, then I felt the right front wheel shift.

"I don't know what it hit but I started shouting and tried to brake but it didn't seem to be working and we were heading straight for two people so I swerved and it flipped."

The bike was not going more than 30mph and Mr Bridger escaped with just a few cuts to his back and neck that needed stitches.

David Ridley, senior coroner for the area, said it was "odd" that the bike had lost control so easily and been so difficult to get back onto four wheels.

He said it was "surprising" that Mr Roche's blood vessel had ruptured and that sort of injury is more commonly found in high-speed crashes.

He said: "I consulted a forensic pathologist who determined that this rupture could occur because of sudden deceleration or compression of the aorta against the vertebral column.

"It seems more likely that it was compression caused by being thrown off the quad bike and hitting the ground in the way Kieran did which ruptured the vessel, not the sudden deceleration.

"Not wearing a helmet was more likely than not a contributing factor to his head injuries.

"There is a possibility that there was an issue with the bike, which lost control for reasons that are not clear.

"I'm sorry we can't give a reason as to why this happened but we have no ability to dictate how other countries investigate deaths."

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