Businessman is looking for an assistant to travel the world with him

‘It’s the coolest job in the world’: Jet-setting millionaire, 26, is looking for a ‘personal assistant’ who will be paid a $52,000 salary to travel and stay in luxury hotels for free

  • Matthew Lepre from Sydney is a 26-year-old e-commerce millionaire  
  • He also travels the world offering seminars to those wanting to create wealth  
  • Matt is advertising for an assistant who he can travel with and the job is paid
  • Starting salary is $52,000 and travel and accommodation are paid for separately
  • Matt earns $120,000 a month through his business coaching companies  
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A 26-year-old millionaire is looking for a personal assistant to join him as he travels the world to grow his e-commerce and business coaching companies. 

In the past year, Matthew Lepre has spent his time exploring Japan, Dubai, Hawaii, and his home city of Sydney, all while watching his bank balance grow steadily.

He’s now looking to hire someone to take up the ‘coolest job in the world’ – an assistant who’ll be paid $52,000 (base rate) a year to help him take care of business in countries all around the world. 

‘Salary will be based on the person’s experience but the base rate is in addition to travel and accommodation expenses. Health insurance benefits are paid for by me separately,’ he told FEMAIL.

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26-year-old Matt Lepre (pictured) from Sydney is a self-made millionaire following the success of his four e-commerce stores

His lifestyle allows him to travel the world and he’s now advertising for what might arguably be the coolest job in the world

What skills would make you the ideal person for this job? 

• Ability to multi task 

• Arrange travel itineraries for national and international travel 

• Great computer skills 

• Strong knowledge of social media channels 

• Superior organisational skills 

• Excellent attention to detail 

• Willing to work hard

• Must have a valid passport for at least 12 months 

• Proactive in their approach to work 

• Be very punctual 

Matt is an e-commerce professional who makes a cool $120,000 a month – and he says business couldn’t be better.

He’s also been working on projects which help him help others to also build their wealth.

His newest team member will make sure his businesses keep running while he’s travelling as well as helping to promote his newest ventures.

Matt is an e-commerce mastermind – who makes a cool $120,000 a month – and he says business couldn’t be better

He said his new employee could expect to travel to a different country every few months so they’d need a valid passport for the next year. 

The opportunity would allow the lucky applicant to experience the cultures of all these places as well as help him spread the word on how it’s possible to live your dream life. 

‘Travelling while I work has allowed me to live my ideal life, and I want to give someone the opportunity to do the same alongside me,’ Matt said. 

He said the sort of person that would be perfect for the job needs to not only love travelling but be able to carry out a host of other duties.

‘They should be computer savvy, have proven social media capabilities, organised, willing to learn and ambitious.’

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One of the benefits of running a internet-based business is your office can literally be anywhere in the world

He added the sort of person he really needs by his side should be someone who is willing to step outside their comfort zone.

The self-made businessman is proof that taking risks can pay off; at 23 he dropped out of uni because he wanted to make it on his own.

His success was built on his determination to learn as much as he could from the best professionals; today he now heads up four successful e-commerce stores. 

In the past year, Matthew Lepre has spent his time exploring Japan, Dubai, Hawaii

Matt lives the life many dream about but recognises that life at the top is busy- which is why having the right person at his side is a must.

‘I’m looking for someone to join in all of my adventures. I love what I do, and I love exploring new places,’ he said.

‘But life is now definitely getting busy and I’m looking for a reliable person to assist me with my day to day business activities, while we are on the go.’ 

Living the life: Although Matt looks as if he’s casually relaxing in yet another exotic location, he’s always working hard to drum up new business

While it might sound like a job that doesn’t require all that much effort, it’s worth bearing in mind Matt is at the top of his game because of his incredible work ethic. 

‘I do a lot of work every day, but I operate on a philosophy of work hard, play harder,’ he said.

‘They would have to be someone who works hard but is also fun and spontaneous.’

 The entrepreneur says potential applicants should subscribe to his YouTube channel in order to get a handle on what he does and what they’d need to do

Those wanting to make sure they’ve got what it takes will need to subscribe to Matt’s YouTube channel.

He said doing this will give a prospective applicant a good understanding of what he does and they can see if their temperament and skills might be a match.

‘Applicants need to have a good understanding on what I do which they can see through my YouTube channel. 

‘From this week, I will be doing weekly Vlogs taking my viewers behind the scenes of my life so they can see if the job is right for them.’

To apply for this position, please visit You can also follow Matt’s travels on Instagram

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