Cancer survivor who lost hair and teeth shares inspirational transformation clip

A brave woman who lost her hair and teeth from battling cancer and auto-immune disease has bravely shared what she looks like before and after putting in her dentures.

Stacey, who goes by the TikTok handle @queen-beex0, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer shortly after giving birth to her seventh child.

It had gone undetected for years and resulted in her teeth “disintegrating from the inside out”.

She eventually decided in April this year to pull out all her top teeth and get dentures.

Stacey now uses her TikTok to shed a light on the reasons why people get dentures.

And one particular video has gone viral, which shows off her incredible makeup skills.

The clip begins by showing Stacey before dressing up for a night on the town. Her usual hair extensions haven't yet been put in while she is bare-faced and she proudly shows off her gums.

But, within seconds, that all changes. The clip switches to a shot of her with a full face of makeup and her dentures in, while her hair has been straightened out.

Stacey, who lives in the US, later answered a fan who asked why she wanted to show what she looks like with no teeth.

“A better question is ‘why not?’” she replied.

“Are you going to go up to someone with an arm or a leg and ask them why the hell do you not have an arm or a leg.

“People lose their teeth for many reasons. I lost my hair and my teeth from battling cancer and auto-immune disease.

“I’m thankful to say I still beat cancer but I’m still battling auto-immune disease.

“I’m lucky to still be alive and I lost my hair and my teeth in the process.

“I want to inspire other young women who are sick to show them that it’s okay to be sick.”

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