Car thief runs over policewoman after she tries to pull him over

Shocking dashcam footage shows the moment a car thief ran over a police officer as she tried to pull him over, before speeding off.

PC Amy Macaulay, 37, was knocked down by the Nissan Juke Acenta as it reversed during the incident in Ipswich.

Her ankle was saved by her sturdy police boot but she was left in agony with her leg trapped under the front wheel before the driver, James Turner, 56, sped away.

Incredibly she managed to get up and hobbled back to her colleague in a police car so they could chase after Turner.

PC Macaulay was left with serious bruising to the bones of her lower leg and foot, and needed a month off work to recover.

Doctors told her that she could easily have broken her ankle and been left permanently disabled if it were not for the protection of her police issue boot.

Turner's car was found smashed up and abandoned minutes later and he was arrested the next day.

He admitted four charges of aggravated vehicle taking, three of driving while disqualified and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Turner was jailed for two years at Ipswich Crown Court and banned from driving for four years soon after PC Macaulay returned to duty.

The horrific incident happened on March 21 after she and her colleague tried to stop the Nissan which was believed to have false or stolen number plates.

"After receiving information to suggest a car was being driven on false or stolen plates, we found the vehicle in London Road and pulled alongside to see a single middle-aged male occupant," PC Macaulay said.

"He didn't give us much cause for concern, so we pulled in front and my colleague stayed in the car.

"I banged on the bonnet as I ran round to the driver's side, so he knew I was there.

"When I opened the door, he looked at me but didn't speak. His body language didn't give me any cause for concern. Then he suddenly drove forward and collided with the police car.

"My colleague was quick to block his way, which, in hindsight, stopped me being more injured."

Turner then slammed his car into reverse, dragging PC Macaulay backwards until she fell under the front wheel.

He then drove back into the police car and reversed again – crushing her right leg and driving over her feet.

He ripped off the front end of his car as he turned around and drove away on the wrong side of the road, leaving the wreckage behind him.

"I had a bump to the head, and the side of my face started to bruise. I had a hip injury, whiplash and grazing to my arm," PC Macaulay continued.

"Miraculously, my leg wasn't broken but there was bruising on the bone. There is no doubt that, without my boots, I would have very little ankle left.

"It's hard to describe, but every part of me ached.

"When I fell under the car, I was trapped with the wheel on my leg.

"I remember looking up and pleading with him to stop. I thought, if he carried on, I wasn't going to make it out of there.

"In interview, he made little comment but to apologise and say he was just trying to get away.

"It was quite a deliberate act. It's not often people try to hurt you. It's been hard to come to terms with because I questioned if I'd done something wrong, but looking back, I know I didn't."

Superintendent Matt Rose, head of specialist operations for Suffolk Police, said: "Our officers are prepared to put themselves in danger, every day, to keep the county safe.

"Anyone willing to attack them has no respect for the law, and no thought for anyone else.

"This driver recklessly decided to make a getaway with no thought for the safety of others.

"Amy was very fortunate to be left with only bruises after being knocked to the ground and having her foot driven over.

"We have an extensive welfare process in place to ensure officers get all the support they need."

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