Cardi B Considering Canceling Halloween Plans: Fears For Her Life After Nicki Feud & Amps Up Security

Cardi B’s Halloween plans may be derailed after her scathing feud with Nicki Minaj blew up on October 29! Cardi’s been receiving scary threats online from Nicki fans — threats that even include her baby, Kulture. Now, she’s amped up security!

Cardi B‘s feud with Nicki Minaj has gone too far. After their ongoing rift was reignited on October 29, Cardi started to receive threats from Nicki fans online that not only included her husband, Offset, 26, but her three-month-old baby, Kulture. Now, she may cancel her Halloween plans for fear of retaliation, following their spat. “Cardi knows how Nicki’s fans can be protective of her, just like her own fans are. But, she’s shaken up and over the threatening messages she received, especially the ones threatening Kulture,” a source close to Cardi tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Cardi’s amped up her security, but she’s really considering canceling her plans to celebrate Halloween altogether,” the source says. “She doesn’t know if it’s worth the risk of exposing herself, Offset and Kulture when their lives are being threatened, especially on a holiday like Halloween.”

While Cardi is definitely taking precautions to make sure her family is safe, a separate source admits that she’s so proud of herself for standing up to Nicki. “She wouldn’t change a thing about the videos she posted,” the insider says, adding that Cardi, 26, “doesn’t change for anybody, and she definitely isn’t going to change who she is because of Nicki.” 

“Cardi takes security everywhere she goes now,” the source adds, even if it’s just out for a quick trip. “She has at least two security guards with her at all times, sometimes even three. She’s a tough girl, but anything could happen. Cardi just feels it’s best to be protected, especially having Kulture.” And, the insider notes that Offset feels much better knowing that his lady and baby are safe with more security. “Cardi’s just trying to be smart and have all of her bases covered,” the source says.  

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