Cardi B Is ‘Angry As Hell’ Over Offset Split But Isn’t Ruling Out Giving Him A Second Chance

Cardi B is ‘publicly embarrassed’ by Offset’s rumored cheating scandal! A source close to Cardi B told HL EXCLUSIVELY that she feels ‘disrespected’!

Despite Offset‘s recent admission on Instagram that he misses Cardi B, Cardi is still angry over the rumored cheating scandal he’s in the center of. A source close to Cardi told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that while she’s upset, a reconciliation is not out of the realm of possibility. “Cardi says that if Offset did cheat then they are definitely done, as she isn’t going to be played like that,” our source told us. “But, you never know with Cardi. Deep down she really loves Offset, with all of her heart, and she has Kulture to think about too.”

However, don’t expect this hypothetical reunion to happen overnight. “Right now she’s angry as hell, she’s been disrespected and publicly embarrassed, and she wants to make Offset… feel some of the pain that she’s been going through,” our source went on to say. “When the dust settles though, and her anger subsides, if Offset was to come crawling back to her with promises to change his ways, there’s definitely a possibility that Cardi would give him another chance.”

And while we reported earlier how Offset is trying to work hard to rebuild Cardi’s trust in him, Cardi is still heartbroken. “There’s no getting around it,” another source close to Cardi told us EXCLUSIVELY. “Cardi is utterly heartbroken over the split and cheating rumors swirling about Offset, but she’s doing everything she can to put on a brave face in public and show Offset that she’s just fine without him.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about Cardi and Offset’s split. In the meantime, check out all of their best PDA pics of all-time in our gallery above.

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