Cat has his daily dinner on a balcony with a view of the Pyramids of Giza

If you’re getting bored of dinner at the dining table or in front of the TV, Yoshi might make you a bit envious.

He’s a Bengal cat who lives in Ciaro, Egypt, and eats every meal on a balcony with a view of the iconic Pyramids of Giza.

What a lucky cat.

Yoshi’s daily dinner view has been shared online by his owner, Steven J Whitfield, who’s been snapping photos of the kitty eating his meals.

The experience is still fairly novel for Yoshi, who moved with Steven from Hamburg to Cairo in February this year.

Steve, 35, who’s originally from Texas, says: ‘I always thought Yoshi was a stunning cat and always took photos of him doing cool things with me.

‘As soon as I moved in here, I knew a photo of Yoshi with the pyramids in the background was a must.

‘I have photos of Yoshi traveling in Germany and Egypt but these particular photos show not only the pyramids but the surrounding city of Giza.

‘The flat has a unique view of the pyramids even to Egyptians.

‘I thought that maybe I would normalize living here but I still have most dinners with Yoshi out there. Every day feels very special.’

Steven’s snaps of Yoshi have proved popular online. That’s not surprising, considering people love photos of both pretty views and cats – put them together and you’re guaranteed some likes.

‘Most people can’t decide if they enjoy the view or Yoshi, though most settle with Yoshi being the center of attention and the pyramids coming second,’ says Steven.

‘I’ve had several people tell me how much they enjoy the photos of YoshI hanging out up there.

‘Yoshi and I are very close. He’s clingy and has to be in the same room as me at all times.

‘He’s honestly the best cat I’ve ever had and he fits right into my lifestyle far better than I expected.

‘He’s really been special for me being locked up in my flat and we’ve been able to keep each other occupied.

‘He’s started to wait at the front door or sleep at the door when I leave so I’m a little concerned about his anxiety when I begin leaving for work again but otherwise, he’s very self-sufficient.’

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