Celebrate the New Year by landing yourself a new job in 2019 with these top tips

If you are among them, the good news is that January is the best time to start your search, according to the survey from employment website CV Library.

So we teamed up with Employment Minister Alok Sharma to give you the best chance of starting 2019 with a great new job.

He said: “With the New Year just round the corner it could be the right time to start thinking about your next career move, whether you are out of work or looking at changing jobs.

“There is more opportunity out there, with more than 840,000 vacancies as we head into 2019 — good news for anyone whose New Year’s resolution is to find a job they love.”

Here are Job Centre Plus’s tips for those looking for a new challenge.

  • GET YOUR CV RIGHT: Ensure it is up to date with your latest work experience, education, skills and contact details. Many job centres run free CV-writing classes, so take advantage.
  • BE CONFIDENT ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN OFFER: Job Centre Plus work coaches will encourage you to think carefully about what skills and experience you have, and can help with interview tips. There is even government funding for things such as buying a smart interview outfit to help boost your confidence.
  • INCREASE YOUR SKILLSET: A college course, work experience placement or voluntary work could all enhance your skills. Many short courses, or even apprenticeships, start in January so you won’t have to wait.
  • CAST YOUR NET WIDE: the Government’s Find a Job site at gov.uk/jobsearch lists more than 175,000 jobs across the country so there is a great chance that you will be able to find one that suits you.
  • DON’T GIVE UP: With more than 800,000 vacancies out there, it is a jobseekers’ market, so if you do not get the first job you apply for, move on to the next opportunity. Whatever challenges you may face, there is support. For example, since 2010, more than 970,000 disabled people have found work, as employers have adapted their working environments.


WERE you opening presents or emails on Christmas Day?

Fifty-two per cent of workers say they check job emails over the festive season – and 29 per cent on Christmas Day, according to a survey by HR consultants Lee Hecht Harrison Penna. The company’s CEO, Jeanne Townend, said: “The Christmas holidays should be a time for rest and relaxation. Leaders should ensure their employees understand the importance of logging off mentally as well as physically.”

Quitters can be winners

IF YOU leave a job, do it well – you need a reference and you never know when you will next meet or work with a former colleague.

Davide Cervellin, author of Office Of Cards, has these tips . . .

  • NEVER badmouth your old employer, even after you leave. The person you carp about could end up your boss elsewhere. You may even want to return to your old workplace.
  • Manage expectations. Discuss a realistic plan with your boss for what work you expect to complete in your handover period.
  • Leave things in order. Save all your live work on your employer’s shared drives and create a map of where things are saved. If you are a people manager, create a document to outline individual accomplishments, issues, training or support required.
  • Spend time with your colleagues. Leave them with anything they may find useful, from advice to contacts. Consider what your successor may need from you, so they do not complain.
  • Do the best you can until the very last day and leave with a smile.
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