Champagne Christmas Trees Are Actually Stunning & Your Standard Green One Is Shook

When you think of Christmas trees, you probably have a pretty good idea of what’s considered the norm. Whether it’s real or artificial, your tree is likely green, and decked out in the most colorful ornaments. Strings of beads add a glam touch, along with fairy lights, red bows, and maybe even tinsel. (Of course, you can’t forget the angel or star tree topper!) But, what if you’re a Christmas enthusiast who wants to switch things up a bit this year? Enter champagne Christmas trees. Champagne Christmas trees are here to sleigh the holiday season, and your standard green one is feeling pretty shook right now.

White Christmas trees have likely made an appearance on your holiday Pinterest boards in the past, and some tree farms even offer colorful evergreen trees for purchase. But for the person whose apartment screams minimalistic chic — think marble print, gold and rose gold accents, and plants everywhere — a champagne Christmas tree might just be this year’s go-to holiday decoration.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m very much a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decorations. I live for an ornately decorated wreath, presents wrapped in gold bows, and stockings with your name embroidered on them. I’m also all about showcasing those nostalgic ornaments that were decorated back in elementary school. But this champagne Christmas tree trend seriously has my inner interior designer swooning, and I really want to try it out.

Not only are champagne trees themselves already a statement, but they allow you to put a twist on the rest of your favorite Christmas decor. For mine, I’m thinking clear lights, white ornaments, and maybe some non-traditional pops of color throughout, like blue or pink. (I’m currently obsessing with all things turquoise and teal, like these amazingly glittery bows.)

Check out some of my favorite champagne-colored trees, and pick out one up for yourself if you’re feeling the champagne vibes. Happy decorating, and a Merry Christmas to all!

Classic Champagne Gold Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree



This grand tree is over seven feet tall, and it’ll make a statement on your Instagram feed this season. It’s perfect for people who have high ceilings and a love for all things sparkly. It’s also pre-lit, so you don’t have to add much else to it besides your favorite glittery ornaments. It will instantly brighten up any room and add some serious pizazz to your holiday decor.

7 1/2-Foot Hard Needle Frosted Pre-Lit Artificial Columbus Pine Tree


Bed Bath & Beyond

Make sure you have a great spot in your place to showcase this beauty, because it’s ready to sleigh the season in style. Can’t you imagine how stunning your presents will look nestled underneath this tree? It’s also pre-lit to add a gorgeous glow to your living room.

3 ft. Champagne Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree


Home Depot

If you’re a little short on space, you can still enjoy the champagne tree trend with this adorable three-foot tree from Home Depot. It’s not pre-lit, but that just means you can add in your own personal flair to customize it.

Tinsel Trees 4′ Champagne Artificial Christmas Tree With 70 Clear Lights And Stand



This four-foot champagne tree from Wayfair is a little taller than the previous one, so it’ll easily fit in your small apartment corners. It’s pre-lit, but has plenty of room for you to add your own ornaments to it. Cue the rose gold beads and sparkly tree topper.

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