Child besties reunite after heartfelt post goes viral. ‘Heard you were looking for me’

Two young girls met while vacationing in Hawaii in 2006 and became fast friends. One of them set out to find the other in 2018 by asking Twitter users to help her. (Photo: Getty Images)

Childhood best friends fall hard and fast. 

They don’t worry about getting burned or game-playing. They just want to play games. They also don’t worry about how they’ll keep in touch. 

Mississippian Brianna and friend Heidi met on a vacation dinner cruise with their parents in Honolulu in 2006 and after one night they were BFFs.

The vacation ended and 12 years later Brianna pleaded with  Twitter users to help her find Heidi.

Brianna wasted no time in responding:

“OMG. My heart is so happy.”

Brianna, 19, told BuzzFeed News that she thought it might take a week or more to find Heidi. Since the two long-lost friends have connected they’ve been sharing stories about each others’ lives.

“The internet is so amazing and showed me that it really is a small world after all,” she said. “We’ve just caught up on life and school and everything.”

A face-to-face reunion?

The internet would love to see the two get together in person. But the two live on opposite sides of the country, said Brianna, who attends Hampton University.

Heidi tweeted, “I’m going to community college on financial aid. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Neither said they sanctioned a GoFundMe page that’s cropped up. 

And if you weren’t a little moved by this story, than maybe you’re made of stone. 

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