Chris Brown Usually Respects Rihanna’s Wishes To Keep His Love ‘Private’: Why He Sometimes ‘Slips Up’

It’s hard not to profess your love for Rihanna online, and Chris Brown relates to the struggle. There’s a reason why he ‘can’t help himself’ at times — here’s HL’s EXCLUSIVE scoop.

Chris Brown, 29, isn’t allowed to be as outspoken as Rihanna’s fanbase. It’s a rule he finds hard to follow, since the “Party” singer “would make his love for Rihanna more public” if he had her blessing to do so, a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. It’s been five years since their second split in 2013, and RiRi “has made it clear to him multiple times that she wants to keep her personal life on lock down,” our source explains. But no one’s perfect. “Chris is usually very careful to follow her wishes but there are times he slips up and does something public, he just can’t help himself,” our source goes on. But poor listening skills aren’t only to blame, as our source reveals that Chris “wants the world to know there’s still a connection between them.” And he might’ve done so by leaving a very telling emoji underneath one of her recent pictures!

Rihanna promoted her Savage X Fenty line’s “Naughty Not Nice” lingerie on Nov. 22, using herself as a model in an Instagram post! The “Lemon” singer posed in nothing but red hot underwear, heels and elbow gloves, and it prompted Chris to comment with the ultimate thirst emoji: “😳.” Despite Chris’s attempt at Insta-flirting, which was left unanswered (save for Rihanna’s angry fans), the exes’ relationship is strictly platonic. “At this point it’s nothing but a friendship,” our source says, but still, “the end game for Chris is getting Rihanna back.” That’s because “he won’t accept that she’s moved on and believes very strongly that one day she’ll realize they belong together,” our source says.

“Chris has major regrets over how things ended between them,” a second source close to Breezy EXCLUSIVELY tells us. Although the performers briefly reunited from 2012 to 2013, they initially broke up after Chris physically assaulted Rihanna before the 2009 Grammys. Since then, he “feels that he has matured, learned, changed and has become a better man because of all the mistakes he made while trying to love Rihanna,” our second source says. He has even said he “felt like a f***ing monster” in his 2017 film documentary Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life, in regards to the 2009 attack.

Despite their turbulent history, Chris and Rihanna still keep in touch. “Chris stays in contact with her too in little, subtle ways,” our insider reveals. “A text message here, a DM there, sometimes even a phone call or a voicemail. Chris wants to keep his foot in the door with her in the hopes that one day, when the timing is right, he and Rihanna just might have their own happy ending.” But we’re not so sure if Chris should keep daydreaming! The “Diamonds” singer posted a cryptic comment right after Chris left his flirty emoji on her Instagram page — see Rihanna’s message, here!

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