Cleaning fans are stockpiling this £1 ‘Mrs Hinch’ must-have product

The £1 cleaning product fans are STOCKPILING – because it started selling out after being championed by Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch

  • Fans of Zoflora have bought up to 72 bottles each amid fears it could sell out
  • Scented disinfectant is favourite of Essex cleaning obsessive Sophie Hinchcliffe
  • Mumsnet users claim it freshens up floors, bins and even washing machines

Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch has caused a popular budget product to run out in  stores across the UK as fans clamour to copy the Instagram star. 

The Essex hairdresser, 28, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe has amassed more than a million followers by providing step-by-step cleaning instructions and revealing her hero products. 

One of the products she regularly champions is the disinfectant Zoflora, which starts from just £1 a bottle, and comes in 22 different fragrances with Mountain Air, Linen Fresh and Springtime being her favourites.

The influencer dilutes the concentrated mixture with water and uses it to mop her floors daily, as well as sprinkling it on kitchen roll and placing it at the bottom of the kitchen bin for a lasting fresh scent.

But now fans are complaining that stocks of the disinfectant are running low, and Mrs Hinch is to blame. 

‘Mrs Hinch is actually ruining my Zoflora needs. It’s sold out everywhere and I can’t get my hands on it,’ one tweeted. ‘Think I might have to result to Amazon’s silly prices for it.’

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Sophie’s new-found fame has resulted in appearances on ITV’s This Morning with her loyal fans, dubbed the Hinch Army, listening to her every word

Social media users have been sharing photos of their Zoflora ‘collections’ with some fans bulk-buying the product amid fears the thousands of new devotees could cause it to sell out in some places

Another, who appears to be an employee of budget high street retailer Savers commented: ‘I’ve become obsessed with her since starting work at Savers, it’s all customers ever talk about. 

‘Sold out all 65 bottles of Zoflora in the first 15 minutes the shop opened because she posted it on Instagram.’ 

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Another user tweeted: ‘I’ve caved and ordered a 12 pack of the three Christmas/Winters as every shop I’ve looked in has sold out.’ 

Others are taking no chances that their favourite product will sell out by stockpiling bottles. 

Sophie Hinchcliffe, 28, has amassed over one million followers on Instagram thanks to her step-by-step cleaning instructions of cleaning tips and tricks

Fans have been stockpiling the popular Zoflora scented disinfectant after struggling to find it in stores after it was championed by Mrs Hinch 

One Instagram user posted a photo of a whopping 72 different bottles, pictured in a kitchen drawer.

Devotees have shared over 38,000 posts tagged #zoflora and 10,000 tagged #zofloraaddict with customers declaring their love for the product alongside pictures of the distinctive multi-coloured packaging. 

While Zoflora’s primary use is as a disinfectant (it promises to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses in the home) its famed for the divine scent it can fill a space with, too.

The brand’s own website states it can be diluted and used as an air freshener spray, poured undiluted down sinks and even used on rugs, patios and artificial grass to eliminate odours. 

Who is Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch? 

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, is an Instagram-famous cleaner. 

She’s amassed hundreds of thousands of followers by providing step-by-step instructions of cleaning tips and tricks.

She’d been running her account anonymously until she appeared on This Morning in September, showing her face for the first time to the shock of viewers.

She admitted during the broadcast that she’d been trying to ‘hide’ behind her Instagram account. Mrs Hinch claims, however, that she’s learned to love her newfound fame.

She posts photos of the interior of her home there along with tips to achieve a sparkling clean in your own home. 

Instagram famous cleaner Mrs Hinch — real name Sophie Hinchcliffe – is a hairdresser from Essex who recently got married and has amassed one million followers with her cleaning tips 

She regularly posts videos in her stories showing followers how to achieve such levels of cleanliness.  

As for how she got into cleaning on Instagram — which is thought to be an upcoming trend — she said: ‘I started at home on Instagram and I wanted to upload photos of my interior and home.

‘I started cleaning and made it a bit quirky and since then it’s gone crazy.’

Mrs Hinch is from Essex. She works as a hairdresser there and was recently married, according to The Sun.

The Instagram sensation has amassed one million Instagram followers by revealing how she keeps her Essex home (pictured) sparkling 

Zoflora – a brand of scented disinfectant – has scored legions of new fans following frequent mentions by clean queen ‘Mrs Hinch’ who has over one million followers on Instagram. Fans have bought up to 72 bottles each

Users of popular parenting forum Mumsnet have also been singing its praises while sharing the unusual uses they’ve found for the concentrated mixture. While some swear by Mrs Hinch’s ‘bin’ hack, others have revealed they even pop it in their washing machine.

‘I run Zoflora through my machine maybe once a month and a washing machine descaler also once a month (or there abouts) and do both on a 60 degree cycle. Always fresh and no issues,’ comments one. 

Some users, however, have shared their concern over the product which is flammable when undiluted and can be dangerous when mixed with other cleaning chemicals.        

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