Clever parents share the tips that make child-rearing so much easier

Are these the best childcare hacks EVER? Savvy parents share snaps of their time-saving tricks to keep little ones in line – from makeshift baby slings to colour-coding your brood

  • Parents from all over the world have been sharing their realistic life hacks 
  • One parent put a paddling pool in a shower because there was no bathtab 
  • Another put a playpen around a barbecue to stop their children going near it 

With countless parenting books on the shelves, seemingly perfect mummy bloggers offering their advice online, and friends and family sharing their own pearls of wisdom, parenting can be an overwhelming experience.

But mums and dads have been sharing their very practical tips to make child-rearing a little easier – and once you use them you’ll never look back.

In a new online gallery compiled by BoredPanda, parents have been sharing their ‘life hacks’ that will make everything from bath time to dreaded long haul flights go without a hitch.

One parent advised putting a paddling pool in a shower if there’s no bath available, while another suggested putting a playpen around a barbecue to keep little hands away from the heat.

And when it comes to entertaining the little ones, simply adding some window stickers to your handbag can transform a long journey from a bellyache to bliss. 

Below FEMAIL reveals the life hacks that you’ll actually find useful.

Parents from all over the world have been sharing their practical life hacks for raising children, which has been comprised into a gallery by BoredPanda. This parent, Instagram user fjordliebe from Norway, puts a paddling pool in a shower when there’s no bath available

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Say goodbye to dirty floors! This picture, which was posted anonymously on BoredPanda, shows that the parent has covered the wheels on their child’s pram with shower caps to stop it bringing dirt inside

Banish boredom! This parent, US Instagram user teachermama1138, keeps her children entertained on long flights by giving them window stickers to play with 

Going hands free! This inventive dad, US Reddit user Malleeman, fixed his baby to a chair using a vest as a sling, allowing him to get on with his cooking in the kitchen

Colour coded children! US Instagram user Brandi.marie.e keeps track of her four sons by dressing them all in the same colour tops so you can easily spot them if they wander off

Baby-proofed barbecue! This dad kept his little boy away from the hot barbecue by putting a playpen around it. Posted by Instagram user Ladbabyofficial

Snow problem! US based Instagram user Michelle_ssb1 put snow in Tupperware boxes to make the ideal shape for a brick, which her sons used to make a perfectly formed igloo out of snow

Healthy hacks! US based Instagram user Eastcoastveganvibes tricks her children into eating apples by cutting apples up into the shape of french fries

Sneaky! London based Twitter user @ShootTheSound carries an ‘out of order’ sign around with him to stick on children’s rides so his children won’t beg him to let them ride on them

Never take your eyes off them! US based blogger Redheadcandecorate put a mirror on the landing of her stairs so she can always keep an eye on her children without having to go downstairs to check on them

Keeping them entertained! This US based Instagram user Tmccrum_mua keeps her son busy by sticking tape down on her carpet to stand in as a racing car track

Staying safe! US based Reddit user Roswellc fashioned a buffer made out of pool floats on her baby’s walker to stop the child knocking into people’s ankles

Keeping them occupied! Instagram user Smartytots put their baby in front of the washing machine to keep them entertained while they got on with their housework

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