Cost of Living payment latest: Exact date that millions on Universal Credit will start getting payment rises REVEALED | The Sun

THE Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has revealed the EXACT date millions of Brits on Universal Credit will start receiving a rise in their payment amounts.

Rises in Universal Credit payments will kick off from April 10 – but the date varies based on when you usually get paid your benefit.

You can check how much your new payment amount will be by reading our guide to benefit rises here.

And it's not only Universal Credit claimants who will benefit from a boost to their payments.

Others claiming benefits such as the State Pension, Carer's Allowance and Housing Benefit will get extra too.

Read our Cost of Living live blog for the latest news & updates…

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    Proposed MOT change could save British drivers £100million a year

    The Department of Transport are considering the possibility of changing the date of a car's first MOT test and MOT frequency – a move that could save motorists a staggering £100 million a year in fees.

    The MOT was first introduced in 1960 – it now argues cars have become far more technologically advanced and reliable since then.

    The DfT are now questioning the need for an MOT test at year three, suggesting year four would be just as safe.

    They are also looking at the frequency of MOTs beyond a car's first test and whether the current annual test should be changed.

    Read more here.

    The MOT was first introduced in 1960Credit: Getty
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    Thousands of Eastleigh residents to receive £50 to spend at Tesco, Asda and Aldi from this week

    Thousands of eligible Eastleigh residents are set to receive £50 worth of free supermarket vouchers to spend on grocery shopping and other essentials.

    Eastleigh Borough Council are handing out £30 and £50 vouchers tin a bid to help hard-up families amid the cost of living crisis.

    They are redeemable at at Asda, Aldi, B&M, Farmfoods, Iceland, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose.

    The vouchers will be issued directly to eligible recipients from mid-January, according to the council.

    Families who get Housing Benefit and don't get Council Tax Support will receive a £50 voucher per household.

    While, those in receipt of Council Tax Support will get £30 per household.

    Find out more here.

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    When to turn your radiators off to save on energy bills this spring

    With energy bills set to rise in the spring, many will want to know the best ways to slash bills and save some much-needed cash.

    We spoke to Andy Kerr, heating expert and founder at boiler company, BOXT, to ask him for his thoughts. 

    He said: “There is no set outside temperature at which you need to turn your heating off.

    “But as the weather starts to warm up, many aim for when the clocks go back.”

    This year, the clocks move forward on Sunday 26 March.

    Andy continued: “As a rough guide, it might make sense to think about turning your radiators off around this date. 

    “Only having the heating on when you really need it as the weather improves is a simple way to save energy and money at home. That said, a lot will depend on the insulation you have.

    "A well-insulated property will be able to stay warm even if the outside temperature drops down again.”

    Read more here.

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    How much is Child Benefit set to rise by?

    Parents are set for an increase in their Child Benefit payments come April, but how much could you be set to receive?

    Well, the current rate for your eldest or only child is £21.80 per week. That’s £87.20 a month or £1,133.60 a year.

    From April 2023 the rate for your eldest or only child will go up to £24 a week – or £96 a month and £1,248 a year.

    This is an increase of £2.20 a week, £8.80 a month and £114.40 a year.

    On top of this, your younger children will get £14.45 a week – £57.80 a month and £751.40 a year.

  • Henry Moore

    How to check which benefits you could claim

    This year, the government is providing over £1,500 in cost of living help to struggling Brits.

    But in order to claim this cash, you will need to be eligible for certain benefits.

    The quickest way to see what benefits you may be able to claim is to use one of the three benefit calculators recommended by Gov.UK.

    Each one is free to use. They are: 

    • Turn2us
    • Policy in Practice
    • EntitledTo

    Get a loyalty card to save on shopping

    Signing up for a supermarket loyalty card is often a great way to save on your shopping.

    Loyalty cards often let you collect points that allow you to save on food, supplies and even petrol.

    The Sun recently compared the best supermarket loyalty cards in this handy guide.

    Asda is the latest supermarket to promise shoppers extra perks, bringing it in line with Lidl, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

    But it's worth comparing loyalty schemes – and remember you don't have to stay loyal, despite the name.

    Every grocery that has soared by 30% in the last year

    Supermarkets have seen a drastic rise in prices since the end of 2021, with some items increasing by up to 30%.

    Here is a table showing which items have increased in price and by how much according to Which?

    Thousands of households in East Sussex can get £250 direct into bank accounts now

    Thousands of households are in line for a £250 free cash payment into their bank account.

    The support comes via the Household Support Fund (HSF) which is worth £421 million.

    In Rother, East Sussex, households are being offered £250 direct into their bank accounts to help pay for food, energy and water bills.

    The fund will close on March 31 or when the money runs out.

    Eligible households can apply on Rother Council’s website. The £250 payments will then be made directly into bank accounts.

    To be eligible, you have to be over 18 and struggling to pay for heating, lighting, water or food.

    You also have to be receiving Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction.

    Find out more here.

    Four expert podcasts to get your finances back in shape

    There are a number of ways to get your finances back in shape this year – and one of them is by making a podcast list.

    You can learn and earn at the same time by tuning into a money-saving show.

    Here’s four you can tune into now – so listen up.

    • CASH CHATS WITH ANDY WEBB: The seasoned saver founded, and it is packed with vouchers, sales and tips.
    • THE MARTIN LEWIS PODCAST: Listen to Martin’s weekly show for up-to-date news about the cost-of-living crisis, especially in-depth advice on the best savings accounts, energy hikes and more.
    • IN HER FINANCIAL SHOES WITH CATHERINE MORGAN: As a financial adviser and money coach, Catherine offers some original insights and has covered everything from dealing with the shame of debt to educating listeners with finance lessons.
    • FRUGAL FRIENDS: Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni are mates who both love saving money.
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      Can I take the day off work if it snows?

      With temperatures set to drop as low as -10C, many will want to know how snow and cold weather will affect their work routine – and their pay.

      If it is snowing in your area, your boss can’t force you to travel to work if conditions are too dangerous.

      However, they usually don’t have to pay you either.

      If it’s possible to work from home, this may be something you have to do.

      If not you could be asked to take unpaid leave, annual leave or to make up the hours another time.

      Different companies have different rules, so make sure you check your office handbook and contract carefully to see what the extreme weather policy is.

    • Shanine Bruder

      Full list of providers offering cheap broadband for millions on benefits

      Millions of Universal Credit claimants are eligible for discounted broadband.

      Social tariffs are available to all households claiming the benefit – and they can save you hundreds on your bills.

      You can use price comparison websites such as and to compare the best social broadband tariffs.

      Alternatively, Ofgem has complied a list of all the providers that offer the tariffs too.

      Here are just some of the offers you are entitled to.

      • Air Broadband Air Support – £20 a month
      • BT Home Essentials – £15 a month
      • BT Home Essentials 2 – £20 a month
      • Community Fibre Essential – £12.50 a month
      • Country Connect Social Tariff – £15 a month
      • EE Basics – £12 a month

      Find more offers here.

      Mum shares clever way she got a whole week’s worth of food for just £10

      A savvy saving mum has shared how she bagged a whole week’s food shop for just £10.

      Victoria Amy shared her giant haul of food on the Facebook group Family lowdown Tips & Ideas.

      Victoria revealed she used the app Too Good to Go to bag her goodies.

      She wrote: “For those of you that haven’t heard of, or use, the “Too good to go” app. Do it.

      “If you’re not sure what it is, then it’s basically local shops, supermarket, independent and food outlets (pubs), that sell off the stock that is at the sell by date of the day.

      “You pay a rough fee of £3.50 per bag and in that bag you get a mixture of all sorts.”

      You could save over £1,500 a year with few simple tweaks to beat the cost of living crisis

      As the cost of living crisis continues, millions have seen their bills rise and their purse strings squeezed.

      With energy bills are set to rise another £500 a year for the average household in April –  The Sun’s expert Squeeze Team has provided some tips on how to crunch your bills and save some much needed cash.

      • Energy -save £560 a year: Follow the tips at to cut your usage.
      • Insurance – save £490 a year: USE comparison sites to slash your car and home insurance by searching 23 days before your policy expires.
      • Broadband – save £162 a year: Don’t linger on an old deal.
      • Mobile – save £320 a year: DON’T upgrade to the latest handset if yours is working fine. Just switch to a sim-only deal and save a fortune.
      • Borrowing – if you have a loan or credit card debt, you could be wasting hundreds of pounds a year on interest payments.

      You can find more money-saving tips here.

      How much do Microwaves cost to run?

      Running a microwave will cost you around 5.7p per ten minutes of use.

      Of course, this depends on the model and which settings you use, but this is based on an appliance with 1,000w power.

      Microwaves are considered more cost-effective than traditional ovens.

      Sky TV hands out a cost-cutting freebie to all viewers

      Those who pay to watch Sky TV have been handed a fantastic new perk that could save you money and cut your bills by £7 a month.

       Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers now have access to Discovery+ at no extra cost.

      This means if you subscribed to it previously, you can cancel it now and save £6.99.

      For everyone else, it’s a fantastic extra which gives you even more to watch for your money.

      To take advantage, just go to the Discovery+ app on your Sky TV box.

      You’ll need to scan a QR code to setup your account and away you go.

      • Shanine Bruder

        Have you been struggling to pay for your shopping?

        As inflation continues to soar, it can be a struggle to pay for your weekly shopping.

        However, the government is set to provide a series of benefits that make the rising cost of living easier to overcome.

        Via the household support fund, councils across Britain are offering both free cash and supermarket vouchers.

      • Shanine Bruder

        Who is eligible for cold weather payments?

        Households are eligible for the extra cash if they are getting the following:

        • Pension Credit
        • Universal Credit
        • Income Support
        • income-based jobseeker’s allowance
        • income-related employment and support allowance
        • Support for mortgage interest

        Depending on your specific circumstances, you may also need to meet one or more of the following additional criteria:

        • Have a disability or be in receipt of pension premium
        • Have a child who is disabled
        • Be in receipt of child tax credit that includes a disability or severe disability element
        • Have a severe or enhanced disability premium
        • Be in receipt of a limited capability for work amount
        • Have a child under five living with you

        You can find out more about eligibility on the government’s website.

        How much does it cost to run an electric blanket?

        As temperatures drop and bills rise, many are looking for an affordable way to keep warm this winter.

        Electric blankets are a great way to help you try and cut back on your energy bills.

        According to research from Uswitch, these gadgets use 100 watts of energy to warm a double bed before switching to a sleep setting or being turned off.

        A 100W electric blanket run for seven hours a week would use 0.7kWh.

        Based on the current cap, it costs 24p to run a 100W electric blanket for one hour a day for seven days.

        If you were to use an electric blanket for one hour a day, every day of the week for a year, it would cost you £12.48 in total.

        Free debt advice

        If you’re in debt there are plenty of services you can take advantage of and they offer free advice on how to manage debt.

        Most of them can offer you free guidance and help in person, over the telephone or online.

        • Money Helper – 0800 138 7777
        • Citizens Advice – 0808 800 9060
        • StepChange – 0800 138 1111
        • National Debtline – 0808 808 4000

        How much does it cost to run a dishwasher?

        The average dishwasher uses between 1.2kWh and 1.5kWh per load, according to research by Compare The Market.

        And according to Energy Saving Trust, your dishwasher contributes to 8% of your overall electricity bill.

        The price to run a single cycle is 27p under the current Energy Price Guarantee.

        This means if you use your machine once every day for a full year it will cost around £98.

        But, is it cheaper to wash your dishes by hand?

        Well, according to research from Compare The Market, modern dishwashers are extremely cost-effective, meaning washing by hand will usually set you back around the same amount of money.

        That's all folks… see you next week

        That's all for tonight's Martin Lewis Money Show.

        Next week Martin will offer advice on how to make money on your savings.

        Stay with us on this Live Blog for more debt advice.

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          Get your travel insurance ASAB

          Martin Lewis warned brits to get their travel insurance ASAB tonight – As Soon As You Book

          This is because if you become sick without buying insurance, you could see your travel plans scuppered.

          ASAB everybody.

        • Henry Moore

          When will energy prices come down?

          Martin Lewis revealed tonight when exactly he thinks energy bills could fall.

          They are set to increase by 20% in April when the Energy Price Guarantee ends.

          Martin, using a series of predictions, suggested we could see bills fall by a very small amount in July.

        • Henry Moore

          Five tips to use when asking for a pay rise

          Asking for a pay raise is something everyone is likely to experience at some point in their career.

          With bills rising and food prices soaring, many will need some extra cash.

          If you’re planning on asking your employer for a raise, experts at webrecruit have provided some useful tips.

          • Have a figure in mind
          • Make sure the figure is realistic
          • Gather evidence to build your case
          • Be professional
          • Consider the timing
          • Be prepared for rejection
          • Don’t give up

          The charities you can use to cut debt

          Martin Lewis shared the charities you need to use to cut your debt on his show this evening.

          • – 0808 808 4000
          • – 0800138 1111
          • – 0800 240 4420
          • 0800 328 0006

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