Council tax warning: This scam could leave you hundreds out of pocket – how to spot it

Council tax is an fee residents in the UK need to pay based on the value of their property and how many people live there. An urgent warning has been issued to anyone who pays this to watch out for a potentially pricey scam. Some Britons have been getting text messages which appear to be from the council regarding their tax. However, responding to these messages could leave them out of pocket.

Please do not fall for this or similar scams.

Jonathan Cook

Residents in the London borough of Wandsworth have been hit by scammers trying to steal their money and information.

Fraudsters have been sending fake emails to residents claiming to be the council.

The texts have been sent claiming to be from the council and they offer a refund for council tax.

The text read: “You are due to receive a refund from your Council, visit our secure website to begin the process.”

In the message, the fraudsters offer a link which takes taxpayers to a website which looks near identical to the government one.

Here, residents are asked to enter their personal details which would give scammers access to personal information and bank details.

Anyone who has received a similar message has been urged not to open it or to give out any personal details.

Wandsworth community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Please do not fall for this or similar scams.

“We will never phone, text or email you to ask for a payment to release a council tax refund or ask for personal bank details and council tax valuation bands are decided by the Valuation Office Agency, not the council.”

Although the fraudsters have been targeting residents in Wandsworth, it is important residents across the country look out for the signs.

Council tax is something homeowners need to factor in when buying a property.

However, the cost of this could increase in certain parts of the country leaving some people out of pocket.

Some MPs have suggested a council tax hike for families who live in the South of England.

They said they need much more money in the council than they currently have and raising council tax would help them get the money in.

This is most likely to affect those who live in the most expensive houses in the South of England.

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