Counting sheep! Can you find all the sheep hidden among the clouds?

Seek-and-find puzzle challenges YOU to count all five sheep hiding among the clouds

  • Somewhere in this fluffy, cloud-filled puzzle, five sheep are concealed 
  • The brainteaser, made by Hillarys, focuses on the sleep-inducing counting sheep
  • But just how quickly can you find all five sheep in this tricky brainteaser?  

This tricky brainteaser challenges you to find all five sheep hiding among the clouds.

The puzzle was created by UK-based blind retailer Hillarys, which found it takes the average person in the UK almost two hours to fall asleep.  

Somewhere in the picture of a cloudy sky, five sheep are hidden, but do you have what it takes to find them all, or will the task leave you feeling drowsy? 

Players have been challenged by Hillarys to search for all five of the sheep that can be found bounding among the clouds in this brainteaser. How many can you find?

The sheer number of clouds in the sky make this puzzle particularly difficult, even for the most confident of brainteaser fans.

A number of birds also circle the sky which distracts the eye as it searches for the missing sheep. 

Do you need a hint? Try searching for clouds which appear to have extra details, such as eyes!

Do you think you’ve found all five, or have you given up? Scroll down to find the answer.    

There they are! You can spot four of the sheep by finding their eyes, but one, off to the far left-hand side, is facing the other way! Did you find all five?

Did you enjoy this puzzle, why not try one that brings colourful cats to the table?

The jam-packed graphic, created by Gergely Dudás from, has conjured up this adorable yet tricky challenge – and it’s left even the most eagle-eyed of puzzlers scratching their heads.

Somewhere in this picture, a bunny is hiding in plain sight = but the furry friend is cleverly using hundreds of other cats to blend in. 

Do you reckon you’ve got what it takes to find it? Ready, get set, go!   

Players are challenged to locate the bunny which is hiding somewhere in this picture among a large crowd of cats

Gergely’s constant art style makes this puzzle particularly challenging because all of the animals look the same.

However, a splash of colour here and there helps to separate some of the cats, but where is the bunny? 

If you’re having trouble finding it, here’s a clue: Try searching to the left-hand side of the puzzle. 

Give up? Scroll down to find the answer.

Tucked craftily to the side of the picture, the rabbit sits among the cats. It used its white fur to blend in with the other animals. How quickly did you find it?

If you enjoyed that brainteaser, why not try this fiendishly tricky puzzle as well? 

Hotel group Jurys Inn has put together the difficult challenge as a way of helping Britons find some escapism at home amid the second national coronavirus lockdown.

Players are challenged to track down the squirrel lurking in a sea of brown leaves in this jolly illustration of the great outdoors.  

But just how quickly can you find the furry rodent? 

Players are challenged to track down the squirrel lurking in a sea of brown leaves in this jolly illustration of the great outdoors

With the sea of autumnal leaves, as well as a dog walker and football players, some players might find this brainteaser the hardest yet.  

If you’re struggling, cast your eye towards the largest tree in the bottom half of the screen. 

Scroll down to look at the answer below if you’ve given up or want to check whether you’ve got it right.

You’ll definitely kick yourself when you finally spy it! 

Here, the pesky rodent is circled nestled in the biggest tree in the bottom half of the screen

But why not test your skills once again with this travel-themed teaser?

The hospitality company also set this tricky conundrum which requires challenges to find the raven in this busy London scene.  

Ravens are renowned for occupying the Tower of London, but it looks like this one’s nipped out for a spot of sight-seeing. So, can you spot it? 

Players are challenged to track down the raven lurking somewhere in this jolly illustration of the capital

If you’re struggling to locate the black bird, look towards the image of the iconic London Black Cab.

Still can’t see it? Look a little closer, towards the bottom of Big Ben.

Check out the answer below. 

How long did it take you to spot the raven? Here he is, circled in red just above the image of the Black Cab 

If you enjoyed that, why not have a go at this autumnal brainteaser? 

The seasonal puzzle challenges players to spot six sneaky hedgehogs hiding among the leaves – and it’s left many people scratching their heads. 

Created by UK home interior specialists, it’s tricky to find just one of Britain’s favourite garden visitors. 

So, do you think you can spot the six hedgehogs and beat the record time of 30 seconds?

Home interior experts have created a brainteaser to remind you to look out for hedgehogs in your garden this autumn 

The key to solving this mystery is to focus on the darker shades of brown in the image.

Ready? Don’t forget to set a timer to see how long it takes you to track down the hedgehogs! 

Pining for a little help? Or confident you found all the spiky creatures? 

Why don’t you check the image below to see how you fared?

There they are! Did you spot all six of the hidden hedgehogs in less than the record time of 30 seconds? 

If you’re hungry for more fun, why not try your hand at this Strictly Come Dancing-themed game?  

The puzzle, created by UK-based Dancewear Central, was released to celebrate Nicola Adams and Katya Jones becoming the first same-sex couple to dance together on the hit BBC One show.

According to the creator, the fastest time recorded to find the elegant duo is 70 seconds- but how long will it take you? 

A tricky puzzle (pictured), created by UK-based Dancewear Central, challenges the nation to spot the silhouette of a female same-sex couple amongst the other dancers 

Whether you’re able to find them or not, hopefully the puzzle will provide a little distraction from the stresses of the current social disDANCING measures.

Give it a try and see how you get on. Good luck – and don’t forget to time yourself!

Do you think you’ve found it? Or are you hanging up your dance shoes and throwing the towel in?

Whatever the case may be, you can find the solution image below.

If you’re struggling to find the hidden couple, then gaze your eyes to the bright pink square circled above (pictured)

Elsewhere, this tricky Halloween-themed brainteaser challenges players to spot the ghost in a spooky illustration. 

The seek-and-find puzzle, created by UK-based property site Zoopla, has stumped many keen puzzlers with the well-hidden ghoul.

So, are you able to beat the 90 second record for locating the figure?

Surrounded by spooky creatures such as skeletons, zombies, witches and werewolves, can you spot the ghost in this Halloween-themed puzzle? (pictured)

If you’re struggling to find fun Halloween-themed activities for the family to enjoy, then why not give this challenge a go. 

Somewhere in the haunted house picture, among several other creepy creatures such as skeletons, witches and werewolves, the ghost is camouflaged. 

Are you having trouble finding it? Try searching the moon which is shining brightly behind the house. 

Still no luck? Scroll down to find the ghost circled in the original image. 

In a bid to make the ghost difficult to find, UK-based property listing company Zoopla placed a number of decoy figures into the scene to throw puzzlers off. The answer to the brainteaser is circled (pictured)

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