Couple offering £500 for singer to serenade 100 plants while they’re on holiday

A British couple is offering £500 to someone willing to babysit their plants while they’re on holiday – but you have to sing to them.

During the Christmas period, the London couple are going away on holiday, but they believe that music helps their plants flourish and grow.

So, they are looking for a member of the public to continue singing to the plants while they’re away, as well as do general upkeep and maintenance such as watering.

The duo is willing to pay the successful applicant, but you must be able to sing and travel to the couple’s home every day for two weeks.

You’ll be awarded £500 for singing to the 120 plants once a day between the hours of 7am and 8am as well as watering and feeding them.

The request, submitted to gardening platform WhatShed, states that the couple are offering £500 to a singer to care for their plants for two weeks while they’re on holiday, from the 20th December 2021.

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Hopeful applicants can apply for the role here.

Applications for the role close November 30 2021.

The request was sent to the platform on October 20, however after failing to find a suitable match within its customer base, the brand has decided to launch a public appeal to try and assist the couple.

Unfortunately the couple have said they have no close family or friends who can take care of their ‘plant babies’ whilst they’re abroad.

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The successful applicant must have a good singing voice, and will be required to travel to the couple’s home once a day, to sing for a minimum of 30 minutes to the plants, which are situated in a flat and outdoors on a balcony.

The pair would prefer a female singer as they believe that women’s voices are more “nourishing” – and this fact is proven by science.

A 2009 study from the Royal Horticultural Society concluded that female voices resulted in more plant growth.

Following the initial application phase, the couple will be contacting potential candidates via Zoom, where applicants will be judged based on their singing ability.

The chosen baby-singer will be notified by December 10.

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