Cute grandma buys matching outfit with grandson and they both look amazing

Along with this came a photo of grandma Barnes in an amazing shirt and trousers combo that was just like Josh’s. Her selfie game was clearly poppin’, as was her outfit.

Josh tweeted a screenshot of the interaction, saying: ‘So my grandma really loved my outfit for seen it all promo and she went out today and bought her version of it and idk anything that could make me happier’.

His followers clearly agreed, and he’s now bagged over 1,200 likes, and plenty of positive comments.

Plenty of people were saying how sweet Josh’s g-ma was, and also how nice it was that he had a firm fan.

The Houston, Texas, singer then retweeted his post saying: ‘get you a grandma with TASTE’.

No purple rinses and cosy slippers for this pensioner thank you very much.

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