Dad destroying my world as he hurls abuse at Mum and threatens to leave us

He is threatening to leave, put our house up for sale and cancel the insurance on a car Mum and I share.

I’m a lad of 17 and my mum is 48. I am at sixth-form college and work part-time in a supermarket.

If he carries out his threats, I won’t be able to support my mum. She has two jobs and works all the hours possible already.

We won’t be able to support ourselves. This is destroying my world. I can’t understand how he could do this to us.

DEIDRE SAYS: How grim. I’m sorry you’re caught up in your parents’ problems.

Tell both your parents how much this is affecting you. It sounds as though your dad, at least, is being blinded by anger.

If they won’t listen, is there a relative or family friend who can speak up for you? Find support through The Mix who help under-25s (, 0808 808 4994).

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