Dads join in their daughters' ballet classes and have a right laugh

All sorts of classes have gone online during this pandemic.

That includes dance lessons for the little ones too.

Parents of children going to virtual classes know how chaotic it can get (be sure to move all the lamps and vases out of the way).

But one school decided to ask the parents to get involved.

The Patricia Veale School of Dance has been hosting video classes for students for months.

But they invited dads, grandfathers and stepdads for a special session, to celebrate Father’s Day.

Teacher Kelly Clarey hosted the class via Zoom and asked the families to video their living-room lessons.

The clips show determined dads getting to grips with pirouettes and pliés – and quickly realise it’s much harder than their sons and daughters make it look.

Some of the dads enjoyed it so much they joined for further video classes with the dance school in York.

Kelly said: ‘I’ve been a dance teacher for over 30 years, and I had never had such a fun and relaxed class.

‘It was a great bonding opportunity for our students and their parents.

‘It has been one of the best teaching experiences ever.’

The school does classes for pre-school children up to grade five ballet, and also jazz, tap, and modern dance.

That’s one way for dads to keep fit in lockdown.

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