Daily horoscope for April 8: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY

The transit Moon features in the sign of Taurus for one more day today before it passes into Gemini tomorrow (April 9). Taurus is the second of the 12 signs of the zodiac and represents one of the three earth signs. People who are born under Taurus are said to be stable but stubborn, and reliable but uncompromising. As a result, today’s forecast is all about utilising Taurus’ energy towards cultivating a sense of inner worth and self-esteem.

According to astrologer Athen Chimenti, Taurus also gives you the opportunity to connect with nature and to benefit from the nourishment of the Earth.

He said: “The Moon will be in Taurus here today, so the theme is going to be likely around our resourcefulness.

“It’s a great day for cultivating or inner resources – things like our self-esteem, our self-value, inner-strength, inner-stability.

“Really good to develop and also to be grateful for the things that we do have on an external level, in terms of resources specifically.

“So, a great time to connect to nature, the material realms and the enjoyment of life.”

The Moon will be in Taurus here today

Athen Chimenti, Astrologer

A 60-degree sextile aspect between Mercury and Saturn might also linger somewhere in the background after it passed this weekend.

Mr Chimenti said the astrological aspect can help you settle your mind and give you a sense of calm.

The aspect is also known for benefiting communications by making sure everything goes smoothly.

And with Mercury in Pisces today, the astrologer suggested you look for your answers through a little bit of introspection.

He said: “Our minds are in the etheric realms and so it is good to turn within to that intuition, to that presence for that insight.

“But other than that, the Moon is going to be trining up to Pluto so we could just be feeling a little self-empowered today.”

A trine in astrology describes a 120-degree angle between two bodies on the horoscope charts.

Trines are said to facilitate a good flow of energy in a harmonious and non-conflicting manner.

In addition, Mr Chimenti said the planet Mars has been “steadily” working its way through the sign of Taurus.

Mars, he argues, is all about taking action and initiative, but paired with Taurus, it is best to approach things slowly and in a grounded manner.

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