Daily horoscope for July 29: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Today’s horoscope is packed to the brim with fiery energies, thanks to the Aries-Leo combination. Fire signs are very proactive and fill you up with passion, spontaneity and inspiration. Decisions can feel very impulsive today, especially if you want to treat yourself to something nice.

You feel a creative kick from the heavens and you want to let the world know what you are thinking.

Your competitive spirit takes over and challenges lurk around every corner – just be careful! Not every fight is worth fighting.

Aries is a Cardinal sign in Fire so the need for action is at the core of its character.

But Aries is not a strategist so when the horses are rearing to go, you might just lose the direction of where you’re headed.

You find yourself at times acting well before speaking – or thinking – and you don’t ponder the consequences until much later.

Learn to harness this spontaneity and direct it towards more creative and productive outlets.

Now is, consequently, the perfect time to start a new project you can breathe life into.

Leo on the other hand feels much more level-headed and less rearing to jump straight into the action.

Bold and courageous, Leo loves to hog the spotlight and bask in the attention.

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Your desire to be surrounded by attention and validation may be duplicitous, however.

Under the glitz and glamour of your everyday appearance may lurk insecurities tied to your perception of the self.

Try to seek less validation in others and learn to accept those parts of yourself that give you true worth and meaning.

According to astrologer Debra Silverman of Debra Silverman Astrology, there is no way you can avoid all of this Fire in your horoscope.

The astrologer explained: “When the Sun is Leo and the Moon is in Aries, it’s fire, it’s anger, it’s impulse control, it’s strong, it’s being able to get things going.

“And if you’re feeling like, ‘Whoops, what happened to my get up and go?’

“You ask an astrologer and they’ll set the fire.”

While all of this Fire energy is bearing down on you, Jupiter has entered retrograde motion and is heading back to Aquarius.

Jupiter, of course, is the Planet of Luck and Aquarius is an Air sign.

According to Ms Silverman, it’s going to become somewhat detached, especially after entering Pisces in June.

You are also looking at Mars moving into Virgo today.

Pair the two together and you might want to pay attention to your anger and impulse control.

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