Daily horoscope for July 6: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Today’s horoscope kicks off with a lunar transition from Taurus the Bull into the third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini. Gemini is a very gentle and affectionate influence that many will be sure to welcome. Geminis are said to be fun to be around as they possess the ability to effectively communicate and connect with people.

When the Moon sails through this sign, you find safety and comfort in the knowledge that you are stable.

But this may not be easy to find right now, so pay close attention to how you feel.

According to the astrologers of Astro-Seek.com, change is waiting around the corner.

And the key to weathering these changes is accepting the fact they are part and parcel of life.

If you are struggling to find sense and meaning that will fill you with self-respect, chances are you will look for materialistic opportunities.

But this is a mistake and you should stray away from such temptations.

You have an opportunity to find some peace and tranquillity at the end of the road.

But doing will so require a bit of legwork and a bit of contemplation.

The good news is you won’t have to search far and wide – the answers are hidden deep inside of yourself.

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As the Moon continues to venture through Gemini, YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott says the signs will highlight aspects of your life to do with communication.

Gemini is concerned with how you communicate and how communication is put out there, which makes all the more sense considering Gemini is ruled by the Planet of Communication, Mercury.

In his weekly astrological forecast, Mr Scott said Gemini’s influence gives you the certainty to share your ideas.

There is a confidence in knowing that you know exactly what you’re talking about and that it’s your turn to have your voice heard.

The astrologer said: “So that’s really going to give you a sense of enthusiasm and, ‘I can do things and life can be easy and fun and positive, and I get to share my views and opinions.'”

The Pisces Moon also Squares the Planet of Luck, Jupiter, at 90-degrees today.

Squares can be a troubling aspect to deal with at times because they can restrict the free flow of cosmic energies.

Jupiter is said to represent good luck but also expansion and growth in various aspects of your life.

Today, Mr Scott expects the combination of Moon-Jupiter to bolster your creative ability.

And thanks to Pisces, you are well equipped to articulate and communicate this ability with others.

And you can do so without the distractions of the outside world affecting you.

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