Daily horoscope for November 1: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Today marks the start of a new month and with that comes new opportunities. Now might just be the perfect time to start making plans for the weeks ahead, with the Mercury Jupiter trine promising optimism and good news according to Astrology King. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for November 1.

Though “harmony” is just around the corner according to the experts at Cafe Astrology, the day may get off to an uncertain start.

According to Cafe Astrology: “The Sun forms a quincunx to Chiron today, and there can be some wavering of confidence.

“We may doubt our inner guide, and we may face situations that seem to test our vulnerabilities.”

During this time you may feel indecisive, and self-expression may feel “choppy and unnatural”.

However, managing any guilt about pushing aside important tasks and avoiding certain problems could help “clear the path for more opportunities”.

Indeed, good luck is just around the corner.

The experts from Astrology King point to the Mercury Jupiter trine which has benen in place since Saturday.

With it comes “optimism, generosity, good luck, and good news.”

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Astrology King states: “Good instincts, future-oriented, and positive thinking make this an excellent time for socialising, research, study, and making plans.”

At around 7:10pm, the Moon enters Libra.

Cafe Astrology states: “The Libra Moon inclines us to bring more harmony and pleasantness to our lives.

“We’ll go to great lengths to make things fair and to compromise if needed.”

Venus semisextile Pluto came into position on Friday, and could still be impacting your love life and relationships through until Wednesday.

During this time, you may feel any love you have “deepen to an intense level” according to Astrology King.

Those who are single may find they develop a longing for someone new.

Couples in a relationship may feel their bond tightening over the next few days.

However, Horoscope.com warns to watch out for “tension in relationships” when the moon forms “a harsh square to Venus” later in the day.

Horoscope.com states: “People could be feeling especially sensitive in this cosmic climate, and even if your intentions are honourable, advice you offer could feel like criticism to your nearest and dearest.”

This may also be a good time to catch up on your self-care routine if it has been lacking lately.

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