Daily horoscope for November 6: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Friday’s horoscope kicks-off with a Square between Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn. Squares are aspects believed to reveal tensions, and long-standing issue affecting a wide range of people.

Today’s aspect is the last one of this kind you will experience for a long time.

This may well involve a revelation of sorts as the end of another working week occurs.

People can consequently expect to finally unpack whatever it is they have been processing of late.

This may not, however, be an easy occasion, so your best bet is to sturdy yourself for a particularly tricky time while wrapping your head around your problems.

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But fortunately, it does not necessarily have to be this way.

People are probably making too much or overthinking such a situation.

So just accept the inescapable facts and move on with your life.

The ringed jewel Saturn always wins in such a contest, but the messenger planet Mercury also has a few tricks up its sleeve.

As Mercury stands practically still in the skies this week – a phenomenon known as stationing Direct – you come to the full realisation of something.

Many may find it difficult to be optimistic when Mercury and Saturn clash as they do this Friday.

And although this acceptance may well be easier said than done today, the influence of the Cancer Moon should help you at every turn.

The Cancer Moon is a widely-recognised for its ability to trigger unpleasant moods, which does not help today’s proceedings.

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This is especially the case when hearts and minds are already affected by negative thoughts.

Realisations may understandably be hitting sections of society hard during these politically-precarious times, leading a minority to feel a little defensive.

As the Moon creates the Square with Retrograde Mars and Mercury opposes Jupiter, Pluto and finally Saturn, you are hard at it.

And added to this busy mix, Neptune is also nearby attempting to soften the blow.

Astrologers advise tuning in to listen to what the Universe has to say.

As the Moon passes over Mercury and Saturn as another day draws to a close, you should be finally done.

Then, as Mercury and Saturn finish their conversation, and the Moon chimes in with its closing thoughts, a revelation awaits.

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