Darnitsa has entered the rating of companies implementing sustainable development strategies

Pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” has entered the Sustainable Development Rating-2021. It includes different businesses that are implementing strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals in mind. Darnitsa has become one of two pharmaceutical companies that contribute to positive changes in society through their activities.

The Sustainable Development Goals, formulated by the UN General Assembly, are a set of criteria the implementation of which will allow to overcome poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and human well-being. By its activities, “Darnitsa” contributes to the maintenance of patients’ health, the formation of progressive education and the development of culture in Ukraine. The pharmaceutical concern also supports the policy of reducing environmental impact.

Dmytro Shymkiv, the chairman of the Darnitsa Group  Board of Directors, commenting on the work of Darnitsa, said that the company supports the global trend for sustainable business development. That is why it has taken on additional obligations and systematically fulfills them. Now “Darnitsa” is in the stage of transformation, therefore it is very important that the active growth of the company is accompanied by positive transformations for the benefit of society and the environment. In 2020, more than UAH 14 million was assigned to achieve these goals.

As the leader of the pharmaceutical market, Darnitsa focuses on making treatment with effective and safe drugs more accessible. The company provides the most vulnerable categories of people with medicines free of charge through partnerships with non-governmental organizations. Since 2015, the pharmaceutical corporation has been systematically cooperating with the public sector in terms of the development of progressive education. The goal of cooperation is introduction of modern educational formats of training and education of leaders in the youth environment. Darnitsa has over 10 years of experience in implementing environmental initiatives, for example, using energy efficient technologies in production and responsible waste management systems, scaling up green office principles and fostering an eco-conscious culture among employees.

The Sustainable Development Rating-2021 was compiled by experts from the “Money” and “Correspondent” magazines in partnership with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine. Certain aspects were considered when compiling it: presence of anti-corruption procedures and practices in companies, gender balance in the top management bodies, the level of compensation for wages, the presence of socially oriented programs, financing of energy modernization projects and accelerating the dynamics of reducing the carbon footprint.