Demi Lovato ‘Didn’t Intend’ To Fall For Henri Levy: Their Bond Was ‘Too Strong’ To Resist

Things are moving fast for Demi Lovato and Henri Levy, even though she had no plans to get involved with him romantically at first. We have the EXCLUSIVE scoop on why she changed her mind!

Fans were shocked when Demi Lovato emerged for the first time post-rehab with a new man, Henri Levy, by her side earlier this year. Well, it turns out that the singer herself was just as surprised by the budding romance. “Demi and Henri didn’t intend to become romantically involved,” a source close to Demi tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “When they first started hanging out, Demi thought it would be just as friends. There is such a strong bond between them, though, that there was just no way they could keep things platonic.”

Henri has struggled with some of the same addiction issues as Demi, which is what brought them together and helped them to become so close. Earlier this week, the pair even made their romance social media official by sharing a video of themselves kissing on his Instagram page! “Demi didn’t plan for things to work out this way — she wasn’t actively looking for a boyfriend,” our source adds. “But sometimes things just happen, and it’s too special between her and Henri to ignore. Both of them vowed to take it slow with the relationship, but things are already moving very quickly.”

Demi completed three months of treatment after nearly dying from an overdose in July. She first spent time in the hospital before quietly leaving for rehab, where she spent the next 90 days out of the spotlight. Since finishing her extensive treatment in October, Demi has been keeping things very low-key.

The singer has yet to open up about exactly what happened to her over the summer, and what she’s been through since. However, she did promise fans that she will share the story one day. “Someday I’ll tell the world what exactly happened, why it happened and what my life is like to day,” she wrote. “I still need space and time to heal.”

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