Does ‘Portals to Hell’ Host Jack Osbourne Believe in Ghosts?

For Jack Osbourne, the one rule on his Travel Channel series, Portals to Hell, is this: The creepier the better! The 33-year-old joins researcher Katrina Weidman to investigate haunted locations around the country and this show is unlike others of the same vein.

“A lot of paranormal shows, they embellish things, they heighten things. A lot can be done in the edits. I was like, ‘We’re not doing that this time. If nothing happens, nothing happens,’” Osbourne says in the new issue of Us Weekly. “The network was really amazing about being OK with that. And some of the places we went to weren’t that crazy! Some of the places that we weren’t expecting to be that crazy were insane.”

So, does he believe in spirits? Well, he has a theory.

“A thousand years ago, we used to tell stories. Humans would tell stories about dragons, giants and all sorts of ghosts and mystical creatures. But if you notice, we kind of have stopped telling stories about dragons and giants because they’ve never existed,” Osbourne says. “But for some reason, we keep telling stories about ghosts.”

That said, when his kids – Pearl, 6, Andy, 3, and Minnie, 14 months – ask about ghosts, he has a different answer!

“When they start asking me about ghosts, I tell them that ghosts aren’t real,” the Osbournes alum says. “I have a whole theory of what I think hauntings are. I tend not to tell them that ghosts are real because what they imagine ghosts are, I don’t actually believe it’s what ghosts really are.”

For more from Osbourne, watch the video above and pick up Us Weekly on stands now.

Portals to Hell airs on Travel Channel Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.

With reporting by Amanda Champagne

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