Drake Thinks Nicki Minaj Was ‘Thirsty’ For Hitting On Michael B. Jordan At PCAs

Drake wished Nicki Minaj called out someone else on stage, and not Michael B. Jordan, at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards, HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned! Unlike the rest of us, he wasn’t as impressed with her flirty speech.

Drake, 32, had six nominations ahead of the 2018 People’s Choice Awards, but wished he got even more recognition at the actual event on Nov. 11! Nicki Minaj, 35, who was once rumored to be married to the “God’s Plan” rapper in 2010, failed to name drop her pal on stage at the award show, which was hosted in the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California. She instead shouted out one very lucky Black Panther star during her acceptance speech for the Female Artist of 2018 award! “Shout out to Donatella Versace for custom making this dress for me tonight, and shoutout to Michael B. Jordan, who is taking it off me tonight,” Nicki told the entire crowd. While we thought it was a boss lady move, Drake wouldn’t agree!

“Drake thought Nicki came off sounding a bit thirsty while she was openly shooting her shot with Michael B. Jordan,” a source close to Drake EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. And that’s only because Nicki set the bar high for her frequent collaborator! “Drake feels that Nicki is a gorgeous, sexy, superstar that is better than using an award show appearance to get a date,” our source further claims. “Drake expects more from Nicki, so he was shocked to hear her come so hard after Michael.” To Nicki’s defense, we’d do the same thing if you gave us a stage and microphone after watching Michael’s shirtless scenes in his Marvel movie. We learned why Drake can’t relate.

“But Drake was also a bit jealous too,” our source reveals. Ah, men. That’s always the root reason in situations like these. “He’d prefer Nicki was flirting with him on that award show stage,” our source continues. Keep in mind this is the same artist who once said that he “literally fell in love” with Nicki when he saw the “Barbie Dreams” rapper “for the first time” during a 2010 interview on MTV2’s Sucker Free Countdown. “I’ve always really, actually, really had a crush on her, always really loved her, and she’s always just looked at me as, like, her little brother,” he continued to say at the time. The friends then made everyone believe they got hitched when Drake instructed us via Twitter to address Nicki as “Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham” in August 2010!

At least Michael had kinder words about Nicki’s flirtatious one-liner! “Michael was flattered and turned on by Nicki’s direct flirtation during her award show appearance,” a source close to the Marvel star EXCLUSIVELY told us on Nov. 12. “Michael loves Nicki’s music and he finds her talent and success very sexy.” It’s the only opinion that matters, given that the shout-out was directed at him! But Nicki wasn’t being entirely serious anyways, since the two barely know one another.  “I think he introduced himself to me one time, I believe at the Met Gala,” the “Chun-Li” rapper explained to E! News backstage at the PCAs. “I was watching Black Panther last night, so he was just…happened to be fresh in my mind.” Fair enough.

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