Duckie Thot was in a car crash 48 hours before Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Nothing was going to stop Duckie Thot from making her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut last week.

The Australian model, 23, revealed on Instagram over the weekend that she was involved in a car accident just two days before taping the star-studded event.

“48 hours before the VS fashion show, I got into a car accident on my way to a workout session,” Thot wrote. “Thankfully, I walked away without a scratch. The incident put a few things into perspective for me; no matter how hard you’ve worked for something or how deserving you may feel, it can easily be taken away.”

Thot added that her first VS show was a long time coming. “I’ve dreamed of walking for @victoriassecret for as long as I can remember- watching women who inspired me year after year, I someday saw myself doing the same thing,” she said.

Last week, the Victoria’s Secret newbie also stressed the importance of diverse casting for the lingerie brand. “Setting an inclusive standard helps younger girls realize their own potential and visualize themselves in similar spaces. ​​Seeing models of color in previous shows had a similar effect on me. I want to do the same for other young women,” she told Vogue Australia.

Added Thot, “Have we made enough progress? Not necessarily. We can still do more and I’m certainly up to the task of creating more opportunities for those who have been underrepresented.”

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