‘DWTS’ Pro Lindsay Arnold Reveals There Will Be A ‘Twist’ In Her Halloween Dance With DeMarcus Ware

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with pro Lindsay Arnold about bringing a ‘fun edge’ to her next dance with DeMarcus Ware. Plus, she revealed how she handles being on the go during rehearsals!

Lindsay Arnold, 24, and DeMarcus Ware, 36, are one of the couples to watch on Dancing With the Stars season 27. For Halloween Night on Oct. 29, they’ll be dancing a salsa to “Under Your Spell” by Leo Soul. Lindsay teased to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that “it’s not really your typical salsa so I’m really, really excited. It’s sort of going to be a zombie-inspired salsa, and I’m really excited because I feel like the song doesn’t necessarily scream Halloween, but that’s where the twist comes in. So I’m really excited to show that fun edge to it.”

She added that it will be “spooky with a little bit of humor.” Get ready for more lifts, too! “I’ve never done this many lifts in a season with my partner,” Lindsay told HollywoodLife. “We’ve actually started to have to come up with tricks to do.”

Lindsay revealed that she’s been rehearsing with DeMarcus in Denver because he’s a pass rushing consultant for the Denver Broncos. HollywoodLife asked Lindsay whether or not it was tough to be on the road while learning new dances. “I’m very used it to because most of our partners do travel, but it definitely does not make things easier, I will say that. It is definitely a lot nicer to stay in one place and rehearse in one place every day, but that’s part of the job. You go where your partners go, and he’s been a trooper. He has a pretty busy schedule, but he always comes to rehearsal really, really ready to work.”

Lindsay and DeMarcus have faced their fair share of struggles this season. DeMarcus recently broke his finger, but still performed! “It’s doing better,” Lindsay admitted. “It’s definitely still bothering him. I’m shocked that he was even able to move it and do things with it after what happened. I don’t think I’ve made it any better because I’m asking him to do all these crazy lifts and tricks. But he’s acting like a champ. Seriously, you would never know that it happened to him because he’s just so tough about it.”

The DWTS pro raved that DeMarcus has embraced new obstacles head-on every single week. “With DeMarcus, unlike some of the other competitors, he has had zero experience in dance in entertainment,” Lindsay continued. “When he’s performing on the football field, he has a helmet on. He’s not worried about what his face looks like when he’s performing his moves. I shouldn’t even call it performing because it’s totally different. Every single week brings new challenges depending on the style of dance, and every week we start from square one. I think the challenge is every week taking the challenges the dances bring and trying to overcome them as best we can, and he’s doing a really great job of that.” Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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