Easy vegan recipes for college students

Check out three great easy to cook recipes for vegan dishes. Not only can they be prepared with ease, but you can also do them easily!

Easy Vegan Recipes for College Students

Veganism is something that isn’t necessarily beyond the reach of ordinary people. It doesn’t have to be in terms of costs associated. Not to mention the difficulty you are likely to experience to prepare vegan dishes. In fact, there are lots of vegan meals that can be cooked by even college students in the time they save by hiring assignment geek for their essay and other academic papers. In case you are a college student who has his own shelter outside the campus, the following three easy to cook vegan recipes should prove to be of particular use.

1. Banana-Cinnamon Oatmeal With Granola

If you are looking for a breakfast that’s really tasty and healthy, then oatmeals are perfect. If you are a college student who is particularly pressed for time, then the fact that this dish can be prepared in advance is helpful. The recipe is easy to make. All you need to do is to cook half a cup of oats with the rest of the container having water or other varieties of non-dairy milk in the microwave. The cooking is to be done in two minutes on high settings. The liquid needs to be absorbed by the oat. This step needs to be followed particularly carefully as it may result in the oatmeals bubbling up and spilling, so keep your eyes open. When you are done with the cooking, all you need to do is to add mashed ripe bananas, about half a single banana. Top the meal with granola or cinnamon. If you want to consume the dish later, make sure to cover the mixture and place it in the fridge. You can quickly finish cooking this dish in the time you save by hiring a-writer.com for your assignment related tasks.

2. Easy Avocado Toast

This is one snack that’s especially easy to cook. This is yet another great healthy vegan breakfast, and even tastes great with some pepper and salt. This toast is in its essence as the name suggests simple smashed or sliced avocado topped on toasts. It might be basic, but it is a great vegan alternative to buttered toast minus the heart health hazards. The dish looks cool too. You would do well to put a bit of nutritional yeast on top of the avocado toast. The health benefits of this type of yeast are awe-inspiring, and they are high in B12 and protein. The dish tastes a bit nutty and cheesy with this addition, and the whole thing feels seriously yummy! For the best feeling of your taste buds, remember to add a bit of pink salt and fresh ground pepper.

3. Brown Rice Stir-Fry

Want to cook a delicious vegan meal with ease quickly enough to start reading a few essay pro reviews to know if you can rely on the service? Place the rice about half of a filled cup with a cup of vegetable broth or maybe even water to a single bowl. Then you need to microwave the pan for about one-fourth of an hour to have most of the liquid being absorbed by the rice. After this is done, add some frozen stir-fry veggies around half of a single cup and microwave the new mixture for an additional minute. This dish tastes great when you add some stir-fry sauce on its top. Additionally, you may also add peanuts for that extra crunch in terms of taste.