Everyone Was Surprisingly Buying This from Amazon on Cyber Monday This Year

Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were big this year, with the online shopping giant offering huge discounts on everything from its own Echo smart home devices to books, toys, and more.

Amazon is calling Cyber Monday 2018 the single biggest shopping day in company history, with shoppers ordering more than 180 million items in the days from Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. (Amazon calls those five popular shopping days the Turkey 5, a phrase we’re about to steal.)

Amazon’s new Echo Dot — released with a sleek redesign, along with several other new Amazon smart home devices, earlier this year — was one of the best-selling products on Amazon on Cyber Monday. It was also the top-selling product on Amazon globally, and a best-selling buy at the Amazon 4-star and Amazon Books brick-and-mortar stores and Amazon Pop-Up device kiosks over the Turkey 5 weekend. The Echo Dot, usually $50, was just $24 on Cyber Monday — no surprise, then, that savvy shoppers were eager to snap it up at more than 50 percent off.

A previous iteration of the Echo Dot was a best-seller on Amazon Prime Day 2018 and on Amazon Prime Day 2017 — proof that people are definitely interested in trying out the most affordable Echo smart home device. The older Echo Dot has more than 80,000 5-star reviews, with the new model already boasting more than 1,200 after only being out for a few months — not too shabby.

Other Amazon Cyber Monday best-sellers include AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity, Becoming by Michelle Obama, Jenga, and Instant Pot. People also ordered smart home devices, Christmas lights, and toys — maybe to give as gifts, but there were likely more than a few people looking to pick up some good deals on treats for themselves, too.

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