‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Costumes Will Be Everywhere This Halloween

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There may be no better film from the past year that offers as much inspiration for Halloween costumes than “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” the genre-bending dark comedy that sees Michelle Yeoh interact with dozens of different parallel universe versions of herself in order to prevent worldly destruction. Throughout its 139 minute runtime, viewers are introduced to Yeoh’s Evelyn as a Hong Kong movie star, opera singer, maid, teppanyaki-style chef.

But the most memorable scene from the film might be Evelyn’s venture into a world where everybody has sausages for fingers.

“The hot dog scene is the most beautiful love story in that universe,” Yeoh, who played Jamie Lee Curtis’s wife in this parallel universe, told Variety. “We had these hot dog fingers; this is where I believe that filmmaking is a complete collaboration on all the different levels. It’s never about one person or two people or whatever it is. It is a true collaboration. And when you work with someone like Jamie, we looked at one another and said, ‘Let’s go for it.’

This version of Evelyn also makes for a perfect (and easy) Halloween costume that anyone familiar with the A24 film will instantly understand.

See below for all the best costumes from “Everything Everywhere All at Once” to buy ahead of Halloween:

Sausage Fingers

All you need is a pair of sausage fingers to transform yourself into a bewildered Evelyn who finds herself in a hot dog universe, married to Jamie Lee Curtis. But be careful: apparently, these hose-like silicone gloves caused more injuries and bruises than any other fight scene in the film.

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Complete the look with a sophisticated white blouse.

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Carnival Costume

Courtesy of Cossky

Another recognizable look from the film is Evelyn’s laundromat get-up, which she wears for a majority of the film. This cosplay costume includes the red vest and floral-patterned button-down. Of course, you’ll need a goggly eye to complete the look.

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